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5 Reasons Why Shutters Can Suit Your Space

When you consider your home window decoration, so often curtains are chosen even when there is no other incentive than it’s what you’ve always had, so why change it? If curtains have truly outstayed their welcome in your space and you yearn for a change after several months in lockdown unable to escape from them, then why not think about a dynamic shift away from fabrics towards stylish and always in fashion whole, partial or adjustable window shutters.

Shutters are not new, they were being installed centuries ago before the humble window pane became a must have in your home’s apertures. Now, we wouldn’t be without glazing but shutters are still wonderful insulators. If you have an image in your mind of something akin to a heavy stable door that means you have no light and no harmony with the rest of the decor, welcome to a world of discovery.

Here are 5 reasons why shutters can suit your space, whatever its size, shape and usage.

  1. Versatility. We may be biased but we believe that shutters work well in any and every space. Keep a lounge cool in the summer heat, use shutters as a partial screen between kitchen and patio, ensure that no matter what time of the year, when your little ones go for a nap or to bed or if your or a partner’s shift patterns mean that it’s still light outside when you hit the hay, you’ll have the benefit of creating the illusion of nighttime. Shutters are equally effective at shielding you from external noise and distractions. In Australia they use shutters in car ports and outside dining spaces to add an element of style to a functional area.
  2. Functionality and style in one unit. We have an outstanding range of attractive and affordable window shutters in stunning hardwood or state of the art waterproof Thermotec. From full height shutters to tier on tier designs, cafe shutters over a section of the window to shaped shutters, you can let your imagination run free. Modern or period home, there’s a perfect fit. You’ll be dazzled by the choice of colours and finishes, whatever your decor demands, budget and aspirations, we’ve got the right match for you. Shutters can act as a focal point, be used on a door or a window, to clearly define an area and its purpose, create a contrast or compliment an existing colour scheme and most importantly, your window shutters will reflect who you are and what you adore. Sleek window shutter installations won’t billow into a room like a pair of curtains. They fit within the window space and maximise the room area. If the breeze gets stronger the blind holds, a fabric solution eats into the room.
  3. An energy efficient solution. Did you know that up to 50% of a room’s heat can escape via its windows? Shutters insulate marvellously and save you money on heating bills. Even having the heating set at one degree less per day has a significant effect on your utility bill. Similarly, you can keep a constant temperature in your spaces by using shutters effectively to reduce the amount of sunlight in warmer months, leading to less fan use and air conditioning consuming precious energy. Your window dressing helps you to lower your carbon footprint. Exceptional style, functionality, economic and environmentally friendly. So curtains, how can you match the impressive powers of our window shutters? Personal energy levels are helped too.. Unless you love to spend your down time cleaning the house, we think that window shutters offer a delightful low maintenance option. Shutters take a few minutes to dust or wipe clean and as they don’t hold much dust, allergy sufferers find them highly beneficial. Shutters will never need to go for a spin in the washing machine or hang heavily to dry on a washing line and you won’t have to fiddle with the attachments as you do with curtains when you put them back up or take them down. One word of caution, shutters don’t react well to chemical cleaners so avoid them.
  4. Maintain privacy and elevate security levels. Shutters protect your privacy by offering a solid divide from the world outdoors whilst allowing light into your space. For example, cafe shutters offer a lower half screen but light can flow in from higher levels. Tier on tier allows a breeze in but not the prying eyes of neighbours or the passengers on the number 9 bus as it passes. Shutters don’t reveal easily that there is someone in the property or where they are. Consider a curtain, it lets people know in the darker months whether there is someone home because it can be seen whether lights are on, a giveaway. Shutters can be closed in daylight and dark hours but they offer no clues to anyone with a less than honest intention. An opportunistic burglar is going to target a property that they feel poses less risk to them. They don’t want to spend the night in the local police station. The window shutters hide what could be no one, one person or a family of six that can swiftly overpower them as they call the police. Just as importantly, you can flick a curtain out of the way far more easily and discreetly than a closed shutter.
  5. Added value. When you have window shutter installations these add to the value of your home because they are a permanent solution, a fixture and fitting that the new owner can take full advantage of if or when you sell your property. From the outside looking in, window shutters have excellent curb appeal which lasts for years. Please, always say yes to professional installation services by engineers with years of experience. Shutters are not a DIY task and you’ll risk misalignment and the aesthetics being compromised when you go it alone.

For a customised, enduring, specially crafted cost effective window dressing that offers style and substance, why not try our window shutters?

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published on November 26, 2020


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