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6 Easy Ways to Add Texture to Your Bedroom

Completing a room with soft furnishings and accessories can be a considerable challenge.

But a stylish, elegant, and comfortable home requires more than mere decoration. A mixture of textures and tones will give the house a personal touch and elevate each room.

The final accents allow you to showcase your personality, creating a warm and inviting environment.

Why Add Texture?

On the surface, designing a room seems straightforward.

You choose a colour palette, select some furniture, and add a few accessories. However, once you begin to complete a room, you will notice there is so much more to interior design than these elements.

Texture is the final piece of the design puzzle. It adds warmth and personality and is never more important than in your sanctuary of a bedroom.

Layer Bedding

Well styled bedding looks effortless. Most of us envy the beautifully designed and styled beds offered in showrooms, hotels and furniture stores. However, recreating this look at home can prove surprisingly difficult.

The key here is to mix and match textures and shades, sticking within one colour scheme.

It starts with the fitted sheet. Investing in a great quality cotton sheet that will last you the years should be a staple for every home.

Next, a thick duvet is essential for properties in the UK. The size and weight will obviously vary based on your needs and preferences, yet a thicker duvet is always great for adding texture to the space.

Following the duvet, it's time to add blankets. Layering blankets at the bottom of the bed is the key to creating depth. Opt for a contrasting texture to the duvet covers.

Then the fun part – style your cushions. We recommend three sleeping cushions for each side of the bed, to be arranged in descending order of size. Then two or three decorative pillows. Where possible, the textures and styles should contrast the rest of the spread.

A top sheet is a step most of us omit, but the one that adds a considerable amount of depth to the room. A top sheet folded over the quilt will create contrast, add texture to the space and is the final finishing touch.


Plants are a great way to add texture to your home. Many houseplants are easy to care for and require very minimal effort. However, they are wonderful for adding personality and texture to a space.

Additionally, using various pots in different sizes and materials is another fun and relatively easy way to incorporate texture into your bedroom. Snake plants and Peace lilies are particularly fantastic in the bedroom as they clean the air exceptionally.

If your room doesn't attract enough natural light to house greenery healthily, consider opting for dried flowers instead. Pampas grass is particularly popular at the moment and is an excellent way to add texture.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are a great way to add a warm quality to an otherwise bland room. They work particularly well in neutral spaces, with the added flexibility of choosing between light and dark wood, as well as the white-washed option.

Shutters can provide almost complete blackout to a room, making them ideal for the bedroom. Furthermore, shutters are arguably the best window option for heat control, allowing you to trap the heat inside in the winter and expel it from the home in the summer.

Organic Materials

Focusing on organic materials will add depth to your bedroom whilst sticking within a neutral colour palette.

Woods and linens are fantastic for adding texture to your bedroom without the need for artificial materials. However, too many synthetic surfaces in one space can create clashes and leave the room looking incomplete.


Rugs are perhaps the most obvious way to add texture to a room and are useful for spaces with beautiful wooden flooring.

Consider layering rugs to add an extra dimension to your bedroom. Opt for a thinner, durable material on the bottom, with a more elaborate softer texture on the top. This is a great way to add a focal point to your room, ensuring the space looks incredible and comfortable.

Use Metals Carefully

Metals are a great way to add a pop of personality to a bedroom. As a result, copper and brass were the huge design trends of 2020 and are showing no sign of going anywhere soon.

Both of these metals work incredibly well against dark backgrounds and are the perfect addition to upcycled furniture.

Consider showing your tired drawers and bedside tables a little love and painting them in a dark navy or deep green. Finish the piece with a wax coating, which will lock in the colour and preserve the beauty. Finally, add copper or brass handles for a contrasting texture and to complete the piece.

General Tips For Adding Texture

  • Build your texture bit by bit. Don't feel as if you must add everything at the same time. Instead, start with a staple piece, such as bold wooden shutters, and build accents around this over time to create texture.

  • Don't limit yourself to accessories. Many feel as if the texture can only come from accent pieces, which is not the case at all. Use wallpaper, flooring and light fixtures to add texture to your space.

  • Play around with what you already have. Building texture into your room doesn't have to break the bank, and restyling items you already own can be an excellent place to start.

How Smart Blinds Can Help

Dressing your window properly is an excellent way to add texture to your space, and Smart Blinds can find you the perfect solution for this.

From wooden shutters, to textured roller blinds, and everything in between.

For a no-obligation chat for any blind related issues, contact us on 01635 866600 or 01189 509449. Alternatively, email us at, and we will be happy to help.

published on August 28, 2021


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