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Why You Need Bespoke Skylight Blinds

No great home is complete without a skylight window. Often referred to as a skylight lantern window, they are a great option to allow masses of light to seep into a room without compromising the privacy of your property.

Skylight windows help give the illusion of bigger rooms with more space, working in a similar way to strategically placed mirrors.

A skylight window allows you to fill the room with natural light for as long as possible. Making them particularly useful for the UK, where our winters bring us short days and dark evenings. Over the changing seasons, ‘normal’ windows do not always work to their optimum, and a skylight allows you to maximise the natural light that your environment offers.

Many studies show how access to natural light is imperative for a good mood and increased productivity. Having access to this natural light will work wonders to boost your mood and help your mental health even on a gloomier day.

However, no skylight window is complete until it is properly dressed. A bespoke skylight blind is crucial to enable you to use the room to its full potential and assist it in looking beautiful.

Bespoke Skylight Blinds Allow for Light Control

Undoubtedly, the most obvious reason for investing in a skylight blind is to control the light that is let into the home.

Although this window style allows for beautiful light to enter the room, it can often mean that the light is too much, especially in the height of summer. This can make the room uncomfortable, or even worse, render it completely unusable.

In contrast, in the winter months, the blinds cleverly work oppositely. Skylight blinds are a great way to trap your artificial light in a room in the darker periods of the year. The blinds will prevent your light from escaping through the window, enabling you to create a bright or cosy environment in your home.

Skylight Blinds Provide Privacy

Providing privacy can be particularly relevant for single storey extensions where skylights are popular.

It goes without saying that if your skylight lantern is overlooked, installing a blind is essential. A blind allows you to let the light flood into the room whenever you should choose but draw the blind when you would like some privacy in the home.


Skylights are not a small investment, so you want your hard-earned cash to go into something that looks great. Without a well-fitting, beautiful blind, the window will often look unfinished and detract from the room.

With a range of colours and textures available, finding a skylight blind that perfectly suits your room will not be a challenge. Skylight lantern blinds with texture can help tie the whole room together, elevating the overall home styling.

A skylight lantern blind is all about balance. It should balance the practicalities with aesthetics. Providing a solution that not only looks great but is useful for your home.

Bespoke Blinds are Essential for Children’s Bedrooms

Especially in the Summer months, blocking out the light in a child's bedroom is essential. In order to create a dark, calm environment to promote a healthy sleep pattern.

Effective skylight blinds will allow you to manipulate the light in a room and create the right tone for your child to have a great night's sleep.

Skylight Blinds Allow Temperature Control

Having excellent quality, thick blinds in your room allows you to trap the warmth inside your home. This is a perfect tool for the colder winter months and enables you to heat your room in a much more economical way.

In the warmer summer months, where rooms can often be too hot, closing the blinds allows you to limit the amount of heat that enters the room, enabling you to cool the home down quickly and effectively. Our practical blinds work as a thermal absorber, catching the heat before it has the opportunity to enter the room. A must-have for the summer months.

Helps Preserve Your Furniture

Regular exposure to harsh natural light will fade furniture and carpets over time.

Especially if you have wooden furniture sitting directly underneath the Skylight, investing in good quality blinds is a relatively small price to pay, to preserve your beloved furniture. Carpets can quickly fade and look tired, especially when light exposure will likely only damage certain areas.

Hide Dirty Windows

Even with the best will in the world, windows get dirty. Far faster than you (or your window cleaner) can keep up with. This dirt is often more evident with skylights, which are not as easy to wipe clean as traditional windows. Skylight blinds are a great way of disguising this, keeping your home looking great.

Making the Most

Skylights are a significant investment to any home and leaving them without a beautiful blind means that you are not using them to their full potential. It seems an awful waste of your time and finance to leave them unfinished.

Adding gorgeous, bespoke blinds to your skylight lantern window will give it the wow factor and allow you to make the most of the room.

How to Choose the Perfect Skylight

There are many factors you should consider before purchasing a skylight blind for your home. The style you chose will likely vary if you have multiple skylights in your home, ensuring you choose the perfect fit for each room.

  • Manual or motorised blinds.
    • The option of an easy to use, manual smooth crank system or a solar-powered motorised blind system will be one personal to your home and your family.
  • Light filtering or blackout blinds
    • Light filtering blinds are great for communal spaces, such as dining rooms or entertainment areas. Blackout blinds are perfect options for bedrooms.
  • Aesthetics
    • With a range of colours, textures, and textiles available. There is no reason you cannot find a blind that perfectly suits the style of your home.

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published on December 28, 2020


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