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Automate Your Home With Motorised Blinds

Suitable for any home, motorised blinds are becoming a must-have indoor accessory. A
selection of over 300 fabrics ensures you can decorate your rooms with any
colour or pattern, while motorised technology allows you to manage your home at
the touch of a button.

new window coverings can revolutionise a room, bring existing décor up-to-date
and create a whole new environment. If you’re installing blinds in an office or
playroom, you may want to opt for a translucent fabric which simply filters
outdoor light but still allows the room to benefit from natural lighting.
Alternatively, bedrooms and lounges may be more suited to full blackout blinds,
which enable you to create a restful and relaxing environment when you need it

type of blind you’re looking for, why not consider a motorised version? With
the latest technology, automated blinds bring affordable luxury to any home or

Operating Your Motorised Blinds

you opt for motorised blinds, you’ll be able to control your window coverings
with a dedicated handheld remote. As well as being easy-to-use, your remote
will enable you to open or close the blinds whenever you need to. Requiring
just 24 hours of charge over a period of 5-7 months, your dedicated remote will
remain operational for a long period of time in between charges.

While a
specialist remote enables you to operate your blinds easily, you can also use a
dedicated app to control your home environment. With many people using
smartphones and tablets, creating a bespoke app for the control of your window
coverings seemed like a straightforward choice.

you even more control over your motorised blinds, you can install the app on either
an Android platform or an iOS device. Once installed, you’ll have complete
control over the blinds in your home and can open or close them as you wish.

Adding Convenience To Your Daily Routine

Venetian, Vertical, Roman and Roof blinds can create a wonderful space but
opening and closing each blind individually can take a few moments. When time
is of the essence, you won’t want to have to move to each room in your home to
modify your window coverings.

automated blinds, you won’t have to! As soon as you wake up in the morning, you
can use your app or remote to adjust the blinds. If you’re hoping for a
peaceful lie-in, you may want to open your app-controlled blinds gradually or
you may choose to let the light in straight away if you need to be up bright
and early.

bespoke app and handheld remote even allows you to choose which blinds you want
to operate at any given time. If you’re waking children for school or trying to
coax a teenager out of bed, you can open the blinds in their room from your
app, while leaving the rest of the house unaffected. Alternatively, if you’re
leaving the home unattended when you’re out and about, you can easily close all
the blinds by using the remote or app.

closing each blind won’t add precious minutes to your evening routine. If
you’re trying to relax after a stressful day, you needn’t worry about closing
each blind in turn or checking that every window covering is in place. Instead,
you can simply reach for your remote, smartphone or tablet and close your
blinds at the touch of a button.

Using Sheer Blinds To Increase Your Privacy

the day, you may not want to block out the light completely but you’ll still
want to keep your home private. Choosing automated blinds in a sheer fabric
means you can still let the light into the room, but you won’t have to worry
about anyone be able to see into your home.

useful in the summer months, sunscreen blinds are an ideal way to create warmth
in a room. By allowing some light in, you can still benefit from bright and
airy rooms, but you needn’t worry about the direct glare of the sun getting in
your eyes.

to traditional net curtains, sheer blinds and sunscreens provide a sleek and
sophisticated window covering and can be used in any type of room. With fully
automated options available, you can create a truly smart home with a new
choice of window coverings.

Choosing The Right Automated Blinds

you’re choosing motorised blinds, the first thing to consider is the style of blind
you prefer. Roof blinds may be more suited to Roller-style blinds, for example,
while you may prefer Vertical blinds in an office or bedroom. A cassette option
even means your Roller blinds will shut out the light completely, if you need
them to do so.

you know what type of blinds you’d like, you can get to work selecting the
perfect fabric for your room. Blackout lining can be added to patterned or
coloured blinds, or you can opt for sheer and sunscreen blinds if you prefer.

the perfect fit means having your blinds made-to-measure. At Smart Blinds,
we’re committed to delivering an exceptional service and we always provide free
measuring and fitting. Whether you want to install new blinds in every room of
your home or simply update the window coverings in a particular room, we’re
happy to take the measurements and create the blinds you want.

a smart home ensures you can combine creativity with convenience. Installing
smart home blinds enables you to create the environment you covet, at any time.
As more and more products offer wireless connectivity and remote control
options, why not bring your window coverings into the future?

discover the benefits of motorised blinds, contact us at Smart Blinds today.

published on March 03, 2020

Smart Blinds


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