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Benefits of Specialist Blinds

Blinds can improve the appearance of any room and they can provide crucial light and temperature control when you need it most. However, specialist blinds go one step further and ensure unusually or awkwardly shaped windows are dressed appropriately and attractively.

Although many homes and properties have fairly standard windows, there are a significant number of buildings which have feature windows. These tend to differ from standard shaped windows and can vary in size. In some cases, feature windows can be extremely large and cover a large area. While they can be positioned in any area, feature windows are particularly common on the front of properties and alongside a stairwell or staircase.

Due to the increased light feature windows allow into the property, many home owners are keen to keep their feature windows in place. Furthermore, unusually shapedor positioned windows can give a property character and differentiate it from other properties in the area.

Despite the many advantages associated with feature windows, many homeowners and tenants are unsure how to dress them. In fact, some homeowners simply choosenot to install window coverings because they’re unsure what types of blinds or shutters would be appropriate.

Using Specialist Blinds for Feature Windows

Specialist blinds are used for a number of reasons but they’re ideal for dressing feature windows. Any window frame or glass can benefit from made-to-measure blinds and shutters but this is particularly important for feature windows.

If your property contains awkwardly-shaped or unusually-positioned windows, there are a range of specialist blinds which can be installed with a perfect fit. What’s more, you won’t be limited when it comes to material, design or fabric so your specialist blinds will complement the rest of your décor beautifully.

Regardless of what size your feature window is, specialist blinds can be used to enhance it. If you rely on the light from a large feature window, for example, sheer fabric or privacy blinds can be used. These ensure your privacy is maintained,while still allowing a significant amount of light and warmth into your property.

Although specialist blinds are ideal for unusually-shaped windows, they are also perfect for buildings which have been constructed with bespoke, customised or rare materials. If you own an older property, for example, you may be wary of installing standard blinds in case damage occurs to the surrounding timber or wall. With specialist blinds and fitting, however, you can be sure your new window dressings will add atmosphere and character to the property, without risking any damage to the window frames or surrounding areas.

Increasing Security with Specialist Blinds

Perfectly fitted blinds don’t just enhance the appearance of your property, they also provide an extra element of security. Previously undressed feature windows can give people an easy way to view the inside of your property and this can lead to unwanted guests trespassing on your property. As well as seeing what items you may have inside your home, undressed windows may enable potential intruders to see if anyone is inside the property or to gauge your movements.

By installing fitted blinds and shutters you can improve the security of your home and ensure that no-one is able to gain an insight into what goes on in your home or when people come and go.

Of course, it isn’t just homeowners who need to be security conscious. Warehouses, offices, industrial units, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes are all potential targets for trespassers and all need to have effective security measures in place to prevent unwanted persons from entering the property. As well as other security measures, such as alarms and CCTV systems, blinds can be used to prevent visual access into workplace environments and maintain a level of privacy and security.

Installing Specialist Automated Blinds

The era of the Smart Home is well and truly upon us, and more and more people are opting for automated alternatives to traditional fixtures and fittings. Automated blind systems are, perhaps, one of the most popular forms of home-based smart technology and they’re available for all types of buildings and properties.

With specialist automated blinds, you can be sure your new motorised blinds will fit perfectly against the glass or wall, protect the room from light infiltration or excess external heat and offer an easy-to-control system.

Depending on your needs, specialist automated blinds can be fitted in all rooms in your property, just a selection of rooms or even in just one location. If you’re using specialist blinds to complement a feature window, automated blinds can be particularly beneficial. As many feature windows are large in size, they can extend far higher than standard windows. As a result, any traditional window dressings may be awkward to open or close. With an automated system, however,you can control the blinds at the touch of a button, so you needn’t worry about any hard to reach windows or ceiling windows.

Furthermore,specialist automated blinds can also improve the security of your property. As well as putting a stop to prying eyes, your automated system can be set to open and close your blinds at specific times. If you are going away or plan to be out for a long time, for example, you can set your blinds to close during the evening, giving the appearance that the property is occupied.

Made-To-Measure Specialist Blinds

The fabric, design and texture of your blinds is of the utmost importance but the measuring, fitting and installation of your new window dressings is equally significant. For blinds to hang correctly, the appropriate measurements must be taken and it may be necessary for alterations to be made due to issues in the surrounding window frames and walls.

With a free measuring service, made-to-measure blinds and free installation, you’ll be surprised at just how economical specialist blinds can be. To find out more, contact us at Smart Blinds today.

published on January 14, 2019

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