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Blinds to Accentuate Any Room

It’s amazing what such a small change can do. Whether it’s for the office, the home, or any other place that has a window, that’s exactly the result you see when adding a new set of blinds to a room.

The Many Benefits of Blinds

While they may be simple in their overall design, there are many great benefits to be seen from installing blinds:

1 - Excellent light control

When it comes to light control, blinds are one of the best window solutions there is. With just a slight twist of the blind’s control you can instantly change how much light is allowed in. For times when privacy is required, simply close them shut all the way. Then when the sun is beaming, open them up fully and enjoy the rays.

2 - Cost-effective

As with everything, the price of buying a decent blind these days varies considerably. But on the whole, they are a very cost-effective solution for sprucing up any room while adding in some form of light and privacy control. They come in a wide range of shape, size, and style, and are readily available online or in any home furnishings shop.

3 - Easy to install and maintain

Unlike skylights and motorised curtains, most window blinds are relatively easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes. And once in place, they require very little in the way of maintenance. In fact, all you’ll ever really need to do is give them a quick dusting or wipe over with a damp cloth from time to time.

4 - Energy Efficient

Blinds are pretty energy efficient on a whole and are an inexpensive way of helping to insulate a cold or draughty room. Obviously roller blinds or Roman blinds are more effective in this instance rather than that of a Venetian blind as they consist of one continuous piece of fabric.

In addition to acting as a good insulator, blinds can also be used as a way to keep the energy bills down. The more natural sunlight you get in, the less unnatural light you’ll need to pay for.

5 - Block out damaging UV rays

Another huge benefit to be seen from investing in a good set of blinds is that they are very useful when it comes to blocking out harmful rays emitted from the sun. While roller blinds and Roman blinds are good for total elimination of light and UV rays, with a style of blind such as the Venetian, you can enjoy the best of both.

Different Blind Types

There are many different blind types available to buy. While some are quite specialist and can only be fit in certain circumstances, most are very versatile and therefore suitable in pretty much any setting.

1 - Venetian Blinds

These blinds are those that feature horizontal slats, located one above another. Typically they are made using PVC, vinyl, metal, or wood and are one of the most commonly used blind options available today.

Both the Chinese and Egyptians used these blinds many, many years ago. But back then they bound bamboo and reeds together to block out the sun opposed to the advanced materials used today. The Persians then advanced this look, before the Venetians got them noticed throughout Europe.

2 - Vertical Blinds

When vertical blinds first hit the shelves, you often found they were more often in places such as offices and the doctor’s waiting room. But in the last couple of decades, they seem to be appearing more and more in people’s homes and are making quite an impact.

The great thing about these blinds, in addition to them being so versatile, is that they have good light control capabilities. They’re also good for both patios and conservatories as they allow in both light and a breeze while helping to keep out any flying insects.

3 - Panel Blinds

One of the newest additions to the world of blinds is that of the panel blind. These are very similar to vertical blinds, but with much wider slats. For example, where a vertical blind may consist of 15-20 individual slats, a panel track blind may have just 4 panels in total.

Panel blinds are very accessible and come available in a wide range of styles. They offer a similar level of light control to that of the vertical blind, but because of the larger pieces of cloth, they do block out or allow more sun when partially closed. 

4 - Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are definitely one of the most versatile blind styles. Not only do they come in a wide range of colours, fabrics, and finishes, they’re also suitable for pretty much any window type. You can even get motorised versions for added convenience.

Another slight variation of the roller blind is the Roman blind. They follow exactly the same design in that they consist of one long, continuous piece of fabric. However, unlike roller blinds, when they are raised, the fabric folds to create a decorative pleat.

5 - Smart Blinds

With technology advancing at warp speeds, new and innovative products are being added to the shelves all the time. And, in addition to the likes of TV, smartphones, and other home electricals getting upgrades left, right, and centre, it now applies to blinds too!

Smart blinds are just what they say they are - smart. In addition to being controlled automatically by remote, you can also control these blinds via an app or even your voice, through the likes of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Assistant. You can program them to adjust at set times of the day, or when a certain amount of light hits them. Some will even adjust automatically whenever motion is detected.

They may be considered nothing more than a simple home furnishing to many, but having the right blind installed in a room can make a huge difference to its overall decor. And the best part is that it’s so easy to do.

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published on September 27, 2020


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