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Can Motorized Blinds Be Controlled With a Smartphone App or Voice Commands?

Smart technology is all the range in the modern home; from Amazon’s Alexa to automatic voice-command light fixtures, the advances in technology are making our homes more convenient, more efficient, and even more lucrative for potential buyers.

And when it comes to blinds and curtains, smart technology is already revolutionsing things there, too; you can now control and even automate blinds to open and close when you’re not in your property, making your home safer while also saving on your energy bills.

So, how do app-control blinds work? Can they be controlled with apps, voice controls, and remote controls like all other forms of smart technology? Let’s take a look at the following guide.

What are motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds are a form of window covering that can be opened and closed automatically, eliminating the need for long dangly wires and cords. Aside from making your home more visually appealing, motorised blinds can also help to make your property run more efficiently, while also helping you make substantial savings when it comes to your utility bills.

Can motorised blinds be controlled with a smartphone app or voice commands?

The good news is that yes, many motorised blinds can now be operated with a smartphone app or voice command. This makes it incredibly easy to control your blinds no matter where you are; all you need is an internet connection and you can adjust the amount of light, privacy, and warmth in your property with just a few taps or a simple voice command.

So, how do motorised blinds Windsor work? It's simple:

For app-controlled motorised blinds:

You'll install an app on your mobile phone (most models are compatible with both iPhone and Android technology) and you'll be able to control your blinds remotely, even when you're not at home. One downside to app-controlled blinds is that you do end up dependent on your device in order for your blinds to function and operate correctly, but the convenience aspect more than makes up for this inconvenience.

For voice-controlled motorised blinds:

For voice-controlled motorised blinds, you'll usually need a voice assistant device like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, and you can use simple commands to open and close your blinds from anywhere in the house. Voice-control blinds can't be operated remotely, however they do offer the ultimate convenience for those who consider themselves technophobes.

What are the benefits of motorised blinds?

No matter whether you opt for app-controlled or voice-command motorised blinds, they're still an incredible asset for your home. Here are just some of the benefits of automated blinds:

Energy saving

One of the main benefits of motorised blinds is the financial gain; automatic blinds can help reduce your energy bills by keeping cool air in your home during summer months, while also trapping heat in during winter months. Motorised blinds can also save you money on your electricity bill by reducing the need for artificial light in your home; simply open your blinds on hot, sunny days and let the natural light do the work! In short, you'll end up spending less on cooling and heating your home when the seasons change, which means extra money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Operate them from anywhere

With motorised blinds, you no longer have to manually open and close your blinds each day; motorised blinds can be set on a timer or operated from anywhere with an app or voice command. This makes them perfect for those who spend a lot of time away from home either travelling or working, but want to keep their property safe and secure in their absence.

Safety and convenience

Motorised blinds are also ideal for those with mobility issues, such as elderly homeowners or people with a disability; as they can be operated with a simple voice activation technology or an app on your phone, those who struggle with mobility won't have to exert themselves every time they want to adjust the shade or warmth in their home. Motorised blinds are also great for children too, as they eliminate the need for long, dangly cords and curtains; this prevents little ones and pets from getting tangled up in them, which can pose a safety risk.

Ideal for high-placed windows

If you have a lot of high windows in your home, motorised blinds are perfect when it comes to energy savings and convenience. All too often, high windows can be difficult to reach and not efficiently utilised - high windows let in lots of sunlight and warmth, but you won't enjoy the benefits of your home if they're constantly covered. With motorised blinds, all you have to do is press a button (either on your phone or via a wall switch) or use your voice command, and the blinds will open or close from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Protect furnishings

Finally, another benefit of automated blinds is that you can actually protect your furniture - especially wooden furniture - from sun damage. Consistent exposure to direct sunlight can drastically alter the appearance of wood, causing discolouration and even flaking.

Which is better for motorised blinds, app control or voice control?

So when it comes to operating your motorised blinds, the decision between app control or voice control ultimately comes down to personal preference, as well as the layout of your home. Both offer convenience, safety and energy savings, so it really just depends on which you find easier to use.

Generally speaking, though, voice control is usually faster and more efficient if you are in a rush or just don't want to fiddle with a phone. However, if you are already in the middle of something (such as an important work call) and don't want to stop what you're doing, app control is probably best.

You should also note that voice control will tend to be more expensive, as you'll usually need

an accompanying voice-control technology (such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Home).

How else can motorised blinds be operated?

Motorised blinds can also be operated with a remote control, wall switch, or timer. All of these options offer the same convenience and safety features as blinds operated via an app or voice control, but they also provide you with more options if you don't have access to either of those technologies - or if you just want to keep things simple.

Remote controls are also great if you want to operate your blinds without getting up, while a wall switch is perfect if you don't want to dabble in smart technology or rely on your phone or a remote to open your blinds. For example, if you're someone who frequently misplaces their phone or their TV remote, you might want to opt for a traditional wall switch - at least you know you won't misplace it before leaving home!

published on March 22, 2023


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