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Case Study: Simple Blind Installations

Installing a blind can be relatively straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it’s always simple. To ensure your blinds are fully functional and completely effective, you’ll need to start off by making sure your measurements are accurate.

Of course, this may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook crucial factors when it comes to measuring up for new blinds and shutters. As well as measuring the windows, you’ll need to ensure you take accurate measurements of the surrounds too. If you’re opting for a roller blinds or vertical blinds, for example, it’s important to determine the depth of the alcove the may be sitting in.

You’ll also need to take into account any discrepancies there may be due to uneven walls or plaster. Over time, properties tend to ‘settle’ and these almost imperceptible shifts can affect the uniformity of the walls, windows and fittings. Even a slight dip will be noticeable once your blinds are installed, so it’s essential to account for this when you’re measuring for new blinds and shutters.

Planning Your Installation

There are various things to consider before installing new blinds, but what type of blinds they are and exactly where they’re going are two of the most important! Each style of blind can have different fittings, so you’ll need to ensure you’re familiar with them. Installing a roller blind can be more straightforward than fitting venetian blinds, for example, so don’t assume all blinds can be installed in the same way.

If you’ve chosen a new automated system, you’ll also need to cater for motorised blind installation. Depending on whether you’ve selected a mains-powered system or battery-powered blinds, you’ll need to ensure that there are sufficient outlets and wiring to power the system or that there are appropriate places to install the battery packs out of sight. Although motorised blind installation needn’t be overly complicated, anything which involves working with electrics requires extra care.

Whether you’re installing manual blinds or an automated system, make sure you factor in additional time for preparation. If you try and rush the process, you could end up with lopsided blinds, ineffective shutters and damage to your window surrounds, so it’s certainly worth preparing the area first.

Professional Blind Installation

If you want to ensure your new blinds and shutters are installed without delay, professional blind installation may be your best bet. Experienced window blind installers have the expertise and knowledge to handle even the most complex of installations, and you can rely on professional fitters to ensure your blinds are perfectly installed.

Furthermore, a professional installation needn’t cost you anything at all. At Smart Blinds, we provide a free measuring service, as well as a free installation service. As well as visiting your home and measuring the relevant areas, our expert window blind installers will fit your custom-made blinds on a date that suits you.

Choosing the right style of blinds, as well as the perfect colour and fabric, can enhance your home tremendously, but ineffective fitting can detract from the effect. With a professional installation, you can be confident that your blinds and shutters will look fantastic and work perfectly. To find out more, contact us at Smart Blinds now.

published on March 04, 2020


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