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Choosing the Right Remote-Controlled Blinds and Shutters

New technology is revolutionising the way we maintain our homes, particularly when it comes to managing temperature, lighting and security. From doorbell cameras and smart meters to automated thermostats and remote-controlled blinds; you can enhance almost every aspect of your home with the latest technological innovations.

Installing remote controlled blinds and shutters can offer plenty of benefits, providing you choose the right system. Of course, one of the main advantages of remote-controlled window furnishings is the convenience they offer. Instead of regularly adjusting your blinds or shutters, you can simply modify their placement using a dedicated remote control.

Increasing Safety Around the Home

Regardless of what types of blinds you choose, having automated functionality will make your life easier. Traditionally window dressings require manual adjustment, which means entering every room to open and shut the blinds. Furthermore, you’ll need to make slight adjustments throughout the day as the external lighting changes.

While this can be an inconvenience for anyone, it can be particularly challenging if your windows are placed in hard to reach locations or if you have problems with your mobility. If you have roof lights or lanterns, for example, attempting to open or close the blinds can be difficult, particularly if you’re not too steady on your feet. With remote controlled functionality, however, you won’t need to put your safety at risk by stretching awkwardly or using a set of steps to adjust your blinds.

In addition to this, installing remote controlled blinds and shutters means you won’t need to use blind cords or ropes to modify their placement. Although blind cords have been an effective way of manually adjusting blinds and shutters, they do raise some safety concerns. If you have young children or pets at home, for example, you may not be comfortable with having blind ropes or cords at every window.

Fortunately, remote controlled window furnishings mean you can adorn your home with stunning blinds and shutters, without the need for any type of cord or rope. Instead, you can control your blinds via remote control at all times and enhance the level of safety in your property.

What System Is Right For You?

Although remote controlled blinds and shutters offer increased functionality and convenience, not all systems are the same. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from your new window furnishings, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right setup for your home.

If you have an existing automated system in your property, you may want to choose remote controlled blinds and shutters which can be integrated. Some smart home hubs offer complete control via a central portal or dedicated remote, so adding your motorised blinds to your existing system may offer seamless integration.

At Smart Blinds, we offer a number of products which are designed to integrate with third party systems. If you’re using Google Home Hub, Alexa, Lenovo Smart Display or Harman-Kardon Allure, for example, you can add automated blinds and shutters to your existing home management devices and systems.

Before installing your new motorised window dressings, you may want to consider what type of technology you want to use. Some people prefer a standalone remote control, which is designed to control only their blinds and shutters. Alternatively, some homeowners like to use a dedicated app to control their window furnishings via a central home management app. You may also want to use voice control to adjust your blinds and shutters whenever you want to, particularly if you’re already using a voice-activated smart home system. Finally, you may want to consider installing automated blinds which automatically adjust in response to the external conditions.

Selecting Your Motorised Blind System

With so many different options and combinations to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which ones are right for you. If you’re unsure, why not talk to our experienced team? As a leading provider of remote-controlled blinds and shutters in Reading, Thatcham, Caversham and surrounding areas, we have plenty of experience when it comes to selecting the perfect motorised systems for our customers.

Of course, we don’t simply offer expert advice. As well as helping you to decide on the perfect automated blind system for your home, we offer a free fitting and installation service too. To find out more, contact the friendly team at Smart Blinds now on 01635 866 600 or 0118 950 9449.

published on November 15, 2019

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