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Creating The Perfect Garden for Entertaining

Many more families are beginning to realise the potential of their outside space.

It reaches far beyond a simple lawn and a few potted plants. Our gardens are a place to unwind, enjoy, and entertain guests.

Building a summerhouse or a pergola in your garden transforms the space into an area that can be used throughout the seasons. You will be afforded shade and privacy in the summer months, as well as warmth and comfort in the colder seasons.

Building A Summerhouse

A summerhouse is a wooden structure with a tiled or felt roof, typically placed at the end of the garden. They will generally have windows and a large glass door to let in the light. While summerhouses were previously used for a similar purpose to a garden shed, they have dramatically evolved over the past decade.

Summerhouses are commonly utilised for entertaining but can also double as playrooms or offices. As working from home continues to rise, many individuals prefer to have a space to concentrate away from their main property. This allows for a clear divide between work and home.

Summerhouses are a great choice for entertaining, allowing for year-round fun. In the height of the summer, the windows and doors can be opened to provide an effortless inside/outside atmosphere. It will offer a sanctuary for your guests when the sun begins to set, and a chill enters the air.

Where it is adequately insulated, a summerhouse will also provide an incredible entertainment space in the winter. A warm, cosy environment, without the stress of groups inside your home.

Consider A Pergola

A pergola is a wooden structure, generally built using four beams and a roof. A pergola affords your outside space a shaded focal point.

Pergolas look great anywhere in the garden, but are generally placed at the very top. Alternatively, they can be used to create an extension of the main home.

The beauty of a pergola is that it will not completely block the sun in the same way a summerhouse will. Instead, the roof is constructed from beams, allowing the beautiful sunshine through. Conversely, some choose to add a bamboo roof for slightly more weather protection.

Moreover, a louvred roof pod can be used to create the perfect outdoor living solution. This motorised roof allows for complete light manipulation and weatherproofing.

Meaning, your garden will be usable all year-round, even considering the unpredictable British weather.

The possibilities are endless with this design. Firstly, the roof can be closed entirely to make the structure completely weatherproof. This will confidently withstand heavy rain and snowfall.

Alternatively, the louvers can be tilted away from the sun. This will allow you to enjoy the warm weather but also benefit from the shade. Finally, the louvered roof allows for complete retraction, so you can make the most of the British summertime.

A louvered roof pod also presents an entirely customisable buying option. For example, you could add LED lights to create the perfect ambience or even side panels to add an extra element of privacy and weatherproofing.

Building The Perfect Outdoor Space

There are many other handy tricks to creating the perfect garden for entertaining.

Use Tall Plants

Firstly, the best gardens for entertaining are private ones.

Cleverly arranging plants can grant the home a considerable amount of privacy.

Use taller plants to line the border, creating the illusion of a secluded oasis in your outdoor space. Just be sure to use them thoughtfully to prevent blocking the sunlight into the garden.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Whilst many of our gardens have housed BBQs for years, building an outdoor kitchen will transform your outside dining experience.

The luxury of an outside kitchen is that you can tailor it precisely to the needs and desires of your family.

Your outdoor kitchen might include a BBQ, pizza oven, or even a cocktail bar. Remember to add an element of storage also. This will give you the space to store utensils and crockery that you would prefer to keep separate from your indoor items.

Create Ambiance with Light

You will undoubtedly have a permanent light source in your pergola or summerhouse. But you mustn't neglect the lighting in the rest of the garden.

Strings of smaller, softer lights tend to work better for outside. They illuminate the garden evenly and can be manipulated when the light is uneven, such as at dusk.

Candles can also look stunning when hosting a garden party. However, hosts should avoid them wherever children or pets are present.

Add Shelter

For those without a summerhouse or pergola, a source of cover will be required. The weather in Britain is wildly inconsistent and so can never be relied upon.

A large parasol will work effectively. This can provide shade from the warm summer sunshine and double as rain protection where necessary.

A Heating Source

A heating source is required to create the perfect garden for entertaining. As the sun sets, the temperature will drastically reduce, even in the summer months. It would be best to keep your guests comfortable and warm to prevent them from heading inside the home.

Firepits are an extremely popular and stylish addition to your garden. Purpose-built firepits can be bought relatively inexpensively from many retailers. Alternatively, you could try your hand at building a DIY version with many handy guides available online.

A Relaxed Seating Area

Your seating should not be arranged in the same level of formality it is inside the home.

Benches work particularly well for outside entertaining, as they encourage guests to mingle.

Have the confidence to mix and match furniture styles outside. Cushions and other soft furnishings are excellent for tying a theme together and will make your guests much more comfortable.

Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds are proud to offer the louvered roof pod, which is the perfect addition to any garden.

For any queries relating to this, or any other blind needs, contact Smart Blinds today on 01635 866600 or 01189 509449. Alternatively, email us at, and we will be happy to help.

published on June 28, 2021


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