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Effective Operation Of Motorised Blinds

Offering seamless and efficient operation, motorised blinds can transform your home, office or workplace. Designed to deliver effortless control, near silent operation and a range of programable interfaces, automated blinds are easy-to-use and surprisingly budget-friendly. 

With thousands of fabric selections, opting for a motorised blind system won’t limit your choice when it comes to selecting colour, style or features. Almost any type of blind can be used within an automated blind platform, so you can incorporate Roman, Venetian, Roller or even Pleated blinds to complement your décor. 

Choosing An Automated Blind Platform

There are a number of automated platform providers, so it’s easy to find the right one for your home or workplace. Perhaps the first thing to consider is whether you’d prefer your motorised blinds to be operated via mains power or battery. Both options have their advantages, but you may find one fits your needs better than another. 

A battery-based automation system can be quicker to install, simply because there are no wires to run to the nearest mains outlet. Instead, a discreet battery pack sits behind the blind, providing enough power for you to operate it. With plenty of rechargeable options available, you won’t need to have a stock of batteries on hand either; you can simply re-charge the battery pack as and when it’s necessary. Ideal for rental properties, listed buildings and any type of environment in which you’re unable to modify or access the mains, battery powered automation systems ensure simple and effective operation of motorised blinds.

If you have the option to install a wired system, however, you may want to take advantage of the continuous power supply available. With no need to replace or recharge batteries, your motorised blinds will remain operation for as long as they’re connected. Fortunately, having a wired automated platform isn’t too much hard work either. Experienced technicians are able to locate the most suitable connection point, so that your system can be installed without visible wires and without extensive or prolonged electrical work.

When deciding between battery and mains-powered platforms, it’s important to consider the type of blinds you plan on installing. If your blinds will cover a large area, such as tri-folding doors or office windows, a mains-powered option may be the most efficient choice. Similarly, if you’ve selected a relatively heavy fabric, a mains-powered automated platform system may be a more effective option. Whilst battery-based systems will operate both large and heavy blinds, this may mean the battery need to be recharged more often. With a mains-based system, however, you can rely on continuous power to operate even the largest or heaviest blinds. 

Selecting A Control Method

Many automated platforms facilitate a range of control options, so you needn’t limit yourself to just one. Some people prefer to have a wired-in wall switch, which they can use to open and close their blinds, whereas many people prefer to freedom of having a dedicated remote control to operate their motorised blinds. 

Of course, new technology has increased the number of control methods available, so you can now ensure the effective operation of motorised blinds in a variety of ways. If you’re a smartphone or tablet user, you may want to install a platform which has its own app, so that you can operate your blinds from your device at any time.

Alternatively, why not connect your motorised blinds to a home automation system? With voice-controls, you can simply open and close your blinds on command, and you can opt for an automated blind platform which can be easily integrated into your existing home automation system.

For highly efficient operation, you could even select an automated platform which incorporates automatic sensors. Programmed to respond to changing environments, your motorised blinds will open and close automatically, giving you the most comfortable and relaxing surroundings at any time of the day or night. When it comes to efficiency, automatic sensors are hard to beat.

With the option to program your automated platform however you choose, you can set specific times to open and close blinds too. If you’re going to be home late from work, you can ensure your blinds will close at it begins to get dark, for example, and ensure that your property is kept safe and secure.

Furthermore, an automated blind platform can protect your home or business when you’re away. With timings already programmed into the system, the regular open and closing of your motorised blinds will give the impression that the property is occupied, thus dissuading any unwanted trespassers from approaching your property. 

Maintaining control of your property

With the effective operation of motorised blinds, you can control property with ease. Motorised blinds are the perfect solution for hard to reach windows, which are often overlooked because they’re a hassle to access. Furthermore, difficult to access windows can present a problem if you rely on manually operated blinds. 

If you’re struggling to reach a blind cord or change, you may inadvertently place too much pressure on it, potentially damaging the blind or affecting its operation. With motorised blinds, however, you can open and close blinds of hard-to-reach windows with just the touch of a button, meaning your blinds will operate more effectively and last much longer. 

As properties tend to have more windows and glass doors now, automated blinds are becoming a must-have feature in homes. If you have French doors, bi-folding or even tri-folding doors, for example, you may have more than one blind covering them. When you add in all the windows in your home, going around to open and close the blinds every morning and evening can be time-consuming. By switching to a fully automated system, however, you’ll maintain effective control over your entire property. 

To learn more about motorised blinds and automated blind platforms, contact us at Smart Blinds today.

published on July 29, 2019

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