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Finding The Right Blinds

Choosing the right blinds for your home or workspace is vital if you want to create an environment you’re truly happy with. Although blinds can enhance a room in terms of colour, style and fabric, they also play an integral role in the functioning of a room too.

With the right blinds, you can allow light to fill a room and bask in the natural glow of the sun or you can limit the amount of heat which is able to penetrate into the room, maintaining a consistent temperature for as long as you need to.

Similarly, blinds can enhance a workspace and reduce the need for extra equipment. With full control over glare and sunlight, blinds prevent the sun from damaging products, goods or equipment and they also enable employees to work effectively when they’re using computer screens or electrical equipment.

Choosing the right blinds can, therefore, revolutionise a room. Whether you want to enhance your décor, repurpose a room, add extra security or create a peaceful workspace, blinds can help you to achieve your objective.

Making the Most Of Your Property

When a couple from Thatcham wanted to reclaim their conservatory, they were unsure how to make use of the space. With limited insulation, conservatories can be too warm to enjoy in the summer and too chilly to relax in during the winter. As a result, homeowners often resort to using their conservatory on rare occasions only or turning it into a storage area or spare room.

Unsure how to proceed, Smart Blinds were able to provide an range of solutions to the homeowners. Alongside an extensive range of manual blinds, automated blinds are available in a number of configurations, which makes them perfect for conservatories.

As conservatories are constructed from a considerable amount of glass, they are particularly vulnerable to external temperatures and weather conditions. The extensive amount of glass used in conservatories also means that manual blinds can be difficult to manage, particularly when it comes to covering skylights and glass roofs.

By installing motorised blinds, however, you can protect your conservatory from excess sun and heat in the summer and keep the warmth in the room during the winter months. Specialist materials are used to provide extra insulation, meaning you have greater control over the environment.

Furthermore, an automated system makes it easy to control the blinds in a conservatory. Instead of struggling to open and close difficult to reach manual blinds, you can open and close your blinds in seconds, with just the touch of a button.

With many homeowners in Thatcham and the surrounding areas unable to use their conservatories as they wish, automated blind installation is a quick and cost-effective way of reclaiming the space permanently.

Adding on To An Existing Automated System

When first-time buyers purchased a new property in Newbury, they were keen to put their own stamp on the place. Whilst the home already had a partial automated blind system in place, the couple had hoped to increase the level of automated and add motorised blinds to every room.

Torn between ripping out an existing system or settling for automated blinds which didn’t really satisfy their needs, these first-time buyers were unsure which option to go for. Fortunately, Smart Blinds can provide a range of options when it comes to modifying existing automated systems.

If you purchase a property which have some level of automation already installed, you don’t have to stick with what’s there and you don’t have to remove and replace it either. In fact, there are numerous ways to modify, extend or enhance existing motorised blinds systems, so you can add automated blinds to more rooms, change the method of blind control or increase the range of controls used to operate the system itself.

What’s more – you won’t be stuck with the blinds which are currently installed either. Smart Blinds can provide 3rd party automation blinds, so you can choose the colour, fabric and style you like. Our blinds link with well-known home automation systems, such as Raka, Control4, Lutron, Crestron and LightwaveRF, but we’re able to provide stunning blinds for any third-party systems.

Whether you’re moved into a new property which already has some level of automated system installed or you want to add on to a system you fitted some time ago, Smart Blinds can help you to modify, adapt and upgrade your existing third-party automation platform.

Bringing Automation to Any Property

Standard builds can usually be decorated easily and obtaining fixtures and fittings for these types of properties is usually straightforward. However, when homeowners in Reading struggled to find a blind system which would work in a period home, Smart Blinds were able to assist.

If your property has specific design features, such as timber frames, feature windows or old, stone walls, you may assume that you won’t be able to incorporate modern technology into its fixtures and fittings. However, there are a number of bespoke options which enable homeowners to mix cutting-edge technology with period features.

As well as providing beautiful décor and attractive window dressings, automated blind systems can work well in period properties because of their insulation qualities. Older properties don’t tend to be as energy efficient as newer builds, and you may notice you spend a considerable amount on your energy bills each month.

Installing motorised blinds and using an automated system enables you to control the heat and light in the property more easily, and you can use the blinds to keep heat in the property as the weather gets colder. By doing so, you can cut the cost of your energy bills and maintain control of the temperature in your home more easily.

To see how Smart Blinds can help you to create the home or workspace you desire, why not visit one of our showrooms? With expert help on hand, we’ll help you to overcome any design or installation issues you may have, so you can create the perfect environment at home and work.

published on August 06, 2019


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