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The Future of Window Treatments: 10 Top Trends

Motorhomes provide a unique blend of comfort and freedom, with the ability to traverse landscapes while maintaining a semblance of the comfort found at home. One such comfort that could elevate your RV experience is the installation of motorised blinds - they give your RV privacy, help block out the light if you’re trying to sleep, and give your RV a smart-tech edge that might make it more lucrative if sold in the future. But what should you know before opting for motorised blinds for your RV? Here are ten things you need to know before investing in this useful feature.

Measure twice, buy once

Precise measurements are paramount when investing in motorised window blinds for your RV. Misjudging the dimensions could result in blinds that are either too large, obstructing the window frames or the interior, or too small, failing to provide the privacy you need. Always measure the width and height of your windows twice for accuracy. And if your windows are irregularly shaped, like many in RVs, consider hiring a professional to ensure a perfect fit.

Consider your power source

Most motorised blinds operate via an electric source, which means you need to consider how they will connect to your RV’s electrical system, or if a separate, dedicated power source will be required. Solar powered options also exist, which can be an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution, particularly beneficial for those long trips in sun-drenched locations.

Think about light and privacy control

One of the primary purposes of blinds is to manage light and privacy while on the road. Motorised blinds come in various opacities, from sheer to blackout: sheer blinds permit a decent amount of natural light while maintaining privacy during the day. Conversely, blackout blinds provide total privacy and light control, ideal for late sleepers or those camped in brightly lit areas.

Understand the maintenance involved

It’s vital to understand that motorised blinds, though offering convenience, do require more maintenance than standard blinds. Given the intricacies of their design, if a problem arises, it might require professional assistance to rectify. Regular cleaning is also more essential, as dust and grime can affect the mechanism's operation. Always check the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines before purchasing, and wipe down your blinds regularly with a dry microfibre cloth.

Take into account the noise level

The level of noise a motorised blind makes when operating can range from virtually silent to noticeably audible, and this can be an essential factor if you or your family are light sleepers, or if you value a tranquil interior atmosphere. Some high-end models are designed with quiet operation in mind, so be sure to consider this factor during your buying process.

Don’t forget about the aesthetics

While practicality is crucial, aesthetics shouldn’t be overlooked. The design and colour of your blinds should complement your RV's interior design, whether you favour a modern minimalistic look with metallic finishes or a cosy, rustic design with warm wood tones. There’s no shortage of choice out there, so it’s all about finding blinds and a design that suit your taste.

Ease of installation

Depending on the design and manufacturer, the complexity of installing motorised blinds can vary significantly. While some can be easily installed with basic tools and a bit of DIY prowess, others may require professional installation. To avoid hiccups before a trip, always check the installation requirements before purchasing.

Consider the cost

Motorised blinds tend to be more expensive than their manual counterparts due to their added convenience and technology. However, prices can vary significantly based on the brand, material, size, and additional features. Set a budget that takes into account not just the initial cost but also potential maintenance and repair expenses down the line.

Evaluate the warranty

A warranty is indicative of the manufacturer's confidence in their product, so it’s a good idea to have one when you’re thinking about installing blinds in your RV. When purchasing motorised blinds, ensure to review the warranty period and what it covers. This could save you from unexpected costs if something goes wrong with the blinds within the warranty period.

Choose a reputable manufacturer

Finally, it's crucial to choose blinds from a reputable manufacturer. Research customer reviews and ratings to gain insight into the product’s quality, durability, and customer service of the brand. A company with a track record of excellent customer service and high-quality products is more likely to provide you with blinds that will last.

The bottom line

Motorised blinds can offer an upgrade to your RV experience by providing convenience, modern aesthetics, and enhanced light and privacy control. However, a wise investment requires understanding and consideration of various aspects, including the blinds' size, power source, light control, maintenance, noise level, aesthetics, installation, cost, warranty, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

published on July 17, 2023


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