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How Offices Make Use of Automated Systems

Automated blinds are an ideal addition to any work space but few managers and business owners realise the impact they can have. With a fully-motorised system, an office space can be customised for employees working in any industry and it can enhance their productivity too.

By installing an automated system, existing office managers have created a motivating and inspiring work space – and one which enables employees to fulfil their roles more effectively. In offices most people work on computers, laptops or tablets for a significant proportion of the day. Even roles which aren’t predominantly computer-based inevitably require workers to interact with a screen at some point throughout the working day.

Trying to use a screen for a long period of time can be difficult, particularly in an office environment where large windows and harsh indoor lighting can affect the visibility of the screen. With employers facing health and safety challenges over this issue, many are remedying the situation by installing automated blinds.

When installed, motorised blinds give employees more control over their environment and they can adjust the lighting conditions to meet their needs. Hard to reach windows or the moving sunlight need not be a problem any more and employees won’t struggle to complete their work due to the glare on their laptop or computer screen.

Reducing Overheads with Automated Blinds

All businesses want to reduce overheads where they can and building maintenance is something which costs companies a significant amount of money each year. Notably, heating an office space in the winter and keeping it cool in the summer is particularly important due to legislation governing appropriate workplace temperatures.

Automated blinds are a great way for companies to save money in the long-term. The increased insulation provided by well-fitting motorised blinds means your office can retain the heat when necessary and prevent the office from over-heating when it’s hot outside.

Furthermore, employees will have greater control over their work space, which means they can create their own perfect working environment without having an impact on any other employees or workers.

Increasing Office Security with Motorised Blinds

Offices tend to hold a lot of expensive equipment and, as a result, they can be targeted by potential thieves or burglars. Preventing unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your office building is of paramount importance, and your insurance policy may require that you take certain steps to prevent people from seeing inside the building or viewing what equipment is present.

An automated blind system is an easy way to ensure the building is kept private and secure during non-working hours. With individual and master control systems available, blinds throughout the entire building can be open or closed at the touch of a button, so office managers can secure the workplace every evening without worrying that employees have left their work spaces visible to anyone outside.

To find out how your workplace could benefit from an automated blind system, contact Smart Blinds today.

published on February 20, 2019

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