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How to Choose the Perfect Conservatory Blinds

If you already have blinds in the home, you will appreciate the difference they can make to any room.

Conservatories are a great addition to any home, offering a space that allows you to enjoy your garden in the cooler months, entertain guests, or simply provide an escape from the main house.

However, dressing the conservatory correctly is essential. The right blinds in your conservatory will enable you to ensure your home is private, as well as guarantee efficient temperature control.

Many find that they shut the conservatory room off from the rest of the house from the end of autumn through to spring. This is because when the conservatory is not dressed correctly, it can become extremely cold and unusable. Great blinds therefore not only keep it looking great but allow you months more usage from the room, every year.

Factors to Consider

  • Affordability
    • There are many factors which will affect the cost of your conservatory blinds. Some you will not be able to change, such as the size of the room. Whereas others will be in your control, such as the style and material used.
  • Manual v Automatic blinds
    • Automatic blinds will elevate the conservatory. They are an integral part of the modern smart home and can be particularly useful for conservatory roofs.
  • Temperature control
    • Even more relevant with regards to your conservatory, controlling the temperature in any room is integral. If you still want your room to have a purpose in the colder winter months, this will be a critical decision.
  • Light control
    • Some styles of blinds allow you to manipulate the light that enters the room much better than others. Vertical blinds are perfect for this, allowing you to let light into the room whilst maintaining privacy.
  • Aesthetics
    • Although you want the room to be functional, you also want the conservatory to look great. Choosing something that suits the style of the room and the overall tone of the home is fundamental.

Roof Blinds

Roof blinds are likely something you have not yet considered for your home, but essential for a great looking and functioning conservatory.

For a beautiful and useful conservatory, temperature control is crucial. In the summer, the rooms often become too warm, and quite the opposite in the winter.

Motorised blinds are a great option for conservatory roofs, which take the hassle out of opening and closing them daily. They add an elegant look to the room, keeping the tone streamlined.

Roller Blinds for Conservatories

Roller blinds are an excellent option for most windows. They effortlessly fill large spaces which is why they are a firm favourite for conservatories. Several roller blinds can be placed side by side to fill the room, and with such a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from, you will find roller blinds that work in every home.

Roller blinds are also one of the most affordable options, especially when fitting out a conservatory that generally requires vast amounts of material.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are a unique blind that comes in their own frame, fitting seamlessly inside your windows.

Perfect Fit blinds are a fantastic option for conservatories as they provide an enhanced level of privacy, as well as insulation.

This particular blind style requires no drilling or screwing, meaning your room is kept in pristine condition. Perfect Fit blinds come in a huge variety of textures and colours, meaning that you will easily find a blind for your conservatory that suits your needs.

A Perfect Fit blind looks sleek and elegant, and is an excellent option for conservatories.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds provide a soft, cosy feel to a conservatory and are a great alternative to curtains. There is a massive variety on the market for this style of blind. Therefore, you will find one that perfectly matches your home with ease.

Roman blinds can easily tie a room together with creative use of textures and tones.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great option for light control.

Vertical blinds allow you to precisely manipulate the light that enters the room quickly and easily. Yet completely pull them back neatly when you want the full force of the sunlight to enter the room.

There are many colours and styles available for the blind itself as well as the track fixture, meaning you will find an option to perfectly suit the style of your home.

Fabrics for Conservatory Blinds

Once you have chosen the type of blind that will suit your conservatory needs, it is time to pick the style. There are various things to consider when selecting your blind, including the colour, texture, and weight.

Although blackout blinds are great for in the bedroom, it will probably not be your preferred option in a conservatory. The principle here is usually to manipulate the light, rather than eliminate it altogether.

A popular trend for 2021 is the faux wood look, which will certainly add character to any room. These blinds look fantastic and are weatherproof and durable in a way that real wood is not. Faux wood is available in a high shine finish, or a more subtle wood grain finish.

Professional Help

Finding the perfect blinds for your conservatory is not an easy task.

There are many designs, styles, and looks to consider. The final result will depend entirely on your particular conservatory and the needs and desires you have for the room.

Blinds for your conservatory can be a large investment, so getting it perfect first time is essential for your home and your bank balance.

Smart Blinds

At Smart Blinds, when we conduct a survey, we pride ourselves on bringing our entire range to your home—allowing you to visualise how the finished article will look.

To find out more about our range of vertical blinds, talk to Smart Blinds now on 01635 866600 or 01189 509449. Alternatively, email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

published on January 28, 2021


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