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How to Dress a Bathroom Window

Bathrooms are often missed when considering the interior design of a home.

They are expensive to redesign, so many homeowners struggle to inject their personality into a space without the extortionate costs of a complete remodel.

However, dressing the window correctly can allow you to introduce an element of your style without the need for a complete refit. It also enables you to tie in a colour theme within a room that is generally filled with white, grey or magnolia.

Steer Clear of Natural Wood

Although it looks beautiful, natural wood is not suitable for your bathroom window. The wood will swell when exposed to moisture and therefore the shutters can completely lose their shape.

However, faux wood blinds offer the same look and warmth as natural wood, at a fraction of the cost. They are hard-wearing yet stunning, providing an excellent solution for bathrooms.

Roller Blinds

With over 300 options of fabrics available, roller blinds are the most versatile on the market. Aside from the vast choice, a huge benefit to roller blinds is that they are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, they can be installed throughout the whole home for a fraction of what others may cost.

Window sills are often the only place to display accessories in the bathroom, such as plants or candles. Additionally, we require regular access to the window to allow steam to escape, especially after showering. Roller blinds are lightweight and easy to use, making accessing the window and windowsill effortless.

Obviously, privacy is of paramount importance when it comes to bathrooms. Roller blinds can be easily fitted with blackout material, meaning you can shower with complete confidence, even in the most overlooked of bathrooms.

Standard roller blinds are usually plenty sufficient for bathrooms, but if you are concerned about the excess water the material will absorb, you should consider PVC roller blinds. These are moisture-resistant, so they are ideal for bathrooms and come in a massive range of colours and patterns. Due to their durable material, these blinds are easy to clean and can last substantially longer than the standard version.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a window dressing that will never go out of style.

The idea is very simple. Horizontal slats made from wood or aluminium, suspended using cords at either end. These cords are used to open and close the blinds, allowing the user to manipulate the natural light that enters the room.

Although the wooden option does not provide the durability required for a bathroom, the metal version can offer an excellent solution.

Similarly, to the roller blind, Venetian blinds come in a range of colours. This means you can choose something subtle and relatively unnoticeable or use the blind to infuse colour or patterns into the room. Venetian blinds are inexpensive compared to several other options, making them a favourable choice for many families.

A considerable benefit to Venetian blinds is the fact that they are so easy to clean.

Dirt can accumulate very quickly in our bathrooms due to the high levels of moisture in the air. The beauty of the metal means it can quickly be sanitised, making it a convenient and safe option for bathrooms.

Opt for Shutters

Full height shutters are a popular choice for many bathroom windows.

Shutters look elegant, allowing you to add personality and style without the need for bright colours or patterns.

Shutters can be made from waterproof thermotic material, which is the ideal solution for bathrooms. This material looks flawless and is completely water-resistant. Meaning there are no concerns when bathing, showering, or cleaning. The moisture in the air will not cause the shutters to swell.

Shutters are affixed to the complete window frame rather than just the top.

Therefore, they offer total privacy, which is essential for your bathroom. Shutters often become the room's focal point, so they are an excellent option for filling bigger bathrooms. Beware of using them in small rooms, however, as they can often make the space feel cramped.

Roman Blinds

For an elegant and luxurious look, you could consider Roman blinds.

When down, a Roman blind looks similar to a roller blind, laying flat and running parallel to the window itself. When raised, the material forms soft pleats, dressing the window in an elegant and sophisticated way. Roman blinds are slightly more expensive than Venetian or roller blinds but offer a stylish finish.

The nature of Roman blinds means that they can be made from pretty much any colour or pattern, so can be used to suit any home’s aesthetic.

However, the luxurious nature of a Roman blind means the heavy material is susceptible to soaking up the elements of the atmosphere, and therefore not ideal for a moisture-rich bathroom.

Although they look stunning, Roman blinds should only be used in heavily ventilated rooms. This means some bathrooms can adapt to this style, but a powerful extractor will be needed. Consider Roman blinds in ensuites or downstairs toilets, which are not usually accompanied by a bath or shower.

Roman blinds are great for adding a touch of softness to a room, often necessary for cold and harsh bathrooms.

Add A Burst of Colour

Whilst the obvious choice of colour for a bathroom is blue, this room offers an exceptional space for experimentation. Aside from your towels, your window display is likely to be the only pop of colour in the room.

You must not feel restricted to subtle tones and be sure to allow your personality and style to shine through.

Choosing roller blinds permits maximum freedom, and bold patterns can work perfectly. Plant prints packed with different green tones work particularly well in bathrooms.

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published on April 28, 2021


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