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How To Make Your Home More Private

Many of us pour our hearts and souls into creating a home we are proud of. However, it can be hugely unsettling to live in a property that feels overlooked.

Whether it be nosey neighbours or innocent passers-by, a few tweaks are often needed in the home to build a true sanctuary.

Use Social Media Cautiously

We are all guilty of oversharing on social media from time to time. Whether it be a funny video upload or a summer garden snap, it is easy to understate the amount of information a stranger can obtain from our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Whilst obvious safety concerns surround the fact that we obliviously inform strangers when our homes will be empty; we can also give away important personal information.

The backgrounds of our images are often packed with personal details that we wouldn't necessarily intend to publish to the world.

Be sure to use social media in a considered way and discuss this with the entire family to ensure you are all acting consistently.

Consider Your Garden

Many people feel overlooked whilst enjoying their garden or conservatory, conscious that their neighbours are peering in.

First and most obviously, consider erecting a new fence. A fence slightly higher than the current border will not only restrict the view of those surrounding you, but provides a not-so-subtle hint that you value your privacy.

If a fence would not complement your garden style, the same effect can be created with conifers.

Alternatively, consider raised flowerbeds. This is a more delicate option but can still have a dramatic impact on the garden. Mounding the soil to add even an extra half a meter under your flower beds can add a tremendous amount of privacy. It will make your garden feel more secluded, like the true sanctuary it should be.

Instal Shutters or Blinds

Window treatments are perhaps the easiest and most efficient way of making your property more private. Most homes have windows in every room, and blinds are often the only way to prevent those passing from seeing directly inside.

Blinds are usually favoured to curtains, as they can be manipulated to allow the utmost privacy. Additionally, they can be adjusted to allow light and heat to enter the room.

Particularly for the downstairs rooms, where there may be a direct view into the property from the street, an adequately dressed window is imperative. There are many options available, ranging from the simpler vertical blinds to beautiful shutters. For very large windows and bifold doors, consider motorised roller blinds, which offer your home the most privacy.

Re-Arrange Your Rooms

For those who live on bustling roads, it may be worthwhile to shift around your rooms.

Swapping the living room, which usually sits at the front of the house, with the dining room at the back, can drastically change the home. Whilst we appreciate this is undoubtedly not something every home can offer, it is worth considering.

Where this is not possible, simply changing the placement of furniture can increase your privacy. Shifting the angle of the sofa, so those passing the home do not have a direct view into the space will have a considerable impact.

Instal A Home Security System

While not directly correlated to your family's privacy, a home security system can deter any unwanted visitors from your home.

Many homeowners feel much safer knowing their house is being watched. Most modern security systems are linked directly to the user's smartphone, meaning the home can be viewed regardless of where in the world you are.

As security cameras become increasingly popular, they are becoming progressively easier to instal. Meaning they can be put in place quickly and relatively inexpensively. Additionally, most of these devices save the video to the cloud, meaning footage can be accessed and watched back should you require it.

Tinted and Frosted Windows

Many will cringe when they hear this idea. Considering only the dated frosted glass of the seventies, and the tinted windows of a racing car.

However, subtle versions of each have been developed for the home. These not only look stylish but hugely improve the privacy of the property.

For those who do not want to hire a professional, window tint can be purchased and installed by the homeowner. Tinting adds an extra element of privacy and can help the home retain heat. Window tinting is usually only recommended for downstairs rooms, as it can often zap too much light from upstairs bedrooms.

Frosted glass is an excellent option for bathrooms, allowing family members to shower and bathe without the need to close the blinds. Frosted glass comes in a range of styles and colours, and buyers will be sure to find a design that matches the theme of their home effortlessly.

Beautiful Balconies

City centre living affords very little privacy. Those living in apartments are often subjected to their neighbours every move and are conscious that their every sound can be heard by those surrounding them.

For those lucky enough to have a balcony, it can be challenging to make the space feel private. Purpose-built screens can be purchased to be affixed to the railings, affording the residents a little seclusion.

Another clever solution involves wrapping bamboo around the perimeter, which allows a great deal of privacy and looks stunning.

Consider a Summerhouse or Pagoda

As mentioned, our gardens are where most of us deem to have the least privacy.

Our outside space should be the place we feel we can let loose and relax, rather than feeling conscious that our neighbours are watching us. If your family enjoys spending time in your garden, it could be worthwhile to invest in a summerhouse or pagoda.

A summerhouse is essentially a wooden, purpose-built room that usually sits at the end of your garden. It offers the privacy many crave and enables you to utilise your garden in a multifunctional way.

Additionally, space can double as an office or a playroom, allowing you to get the most from your outside area, even in the winter months.

Alternatively, a pagoda is a wooden structure that generally consists of four beams and a roof. This is the more subtle option yet provides a surprising amount of privacy. Pagodas offer a beautiful setting for summer parties and BBQ's, perfect for entertaining guests.

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published on May 27, 2021


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