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How To Select Window Treatments

Windows are more than just structural built-ins. They’re a functional staple and an aesthetic addition that impacts our happiness by letting in natural light and fresh air. However, as functional as windows are, they cannot be left bare, so dressing them up is crucial.

Window treatments sum up the interior design of a room by adding elegance and keeping things streamlined. The options for dressing up your windows are almost limitless, and it can be easy to settle for the simple, safe picks. However, as mentioned earlier, window treatments can set the room's tone, so simple can quickly turn into stale and dull.

To make it easier to choose your window furnishing, here is the ultimate cheat sheet, with everything you need to know about choosing the right treatments to dress your windows like a pro.

1. Consider The Architecture

The shape of a space dictates the best window treatments. If the architecture of a building doesn't allow you to hang a curtain rod across the wall due to slanted ceilings or two windows in a corner, blinds are typically the best choice. Besides, they are also the best aesthetic option.

Victorian-style homes have majestic windows and feature rooms with plenty of space. Covering these unique windows is challenging since your interior window treatments are visible from your porch windows. This architecture calls for white faux wood plantation shutters as they look exquisite on all window sizes. Check out our survey services where we help you determine the architecture of your home and help you choose a fitting window dressing.

2. Be Consistent

Of course, you don’t want every room looking the same, but consistency is crucial when choosing furnishings for a home to feel cohesive. Use similar window treatments throughout the house, and play them up or down according to the room.

Add natural woven shades throughout the house for continuity and soft linens or faux silks in more formal areas like living rooms and dining rooms. The window treatments need to combine seamlessly to fit the overall look and feel of the home.

3. Prioritize Privacy and Light Control

Everyone would appreciate a bit of natural light flowing into their room. However, this is not needed all the time. Besides, you don't want to wake up to blinding light every morning. Hence the need to choose between a bright and airy room or a more buttoned-up cosy one.

Hard window furnishings such as blinds and shutters let more sun in. However, when they're closed, you lose all the natural light. Conversely, shades have fabric options that can darken the room or filter the light, giving you more control over brightness. These window treatments are great for controlling the amount of sunlight in the room.

If you love privacy, consider purchasing Venetian blinds. They have horizontal tiltable slats that allow you to see out, but people on the outside can't see through. This makes them an excellent choice for windows that face the street.

4. Go Multifunctional

One of the best solutions for window treatment design involves layering both hard and soft window furnishings. In addition to adding depth and dimension, layering can provide additional insulation, light blocking, and privacy that a single treatment can’t provide.

Consider layering different window treatments according to how the sun comes into the room and how much privacy you need in each room. For example, you can have woven shades with drapery panels on either side to complement the style of your home. This layered look is multi-functional, and mixing in more casual woven shades removes any fuss associated with traditional drapery panels.

5. Consider Functionality

Your furnishings’ visual appeal is crucial, and so is the actual functionality of the room you’re dressing. Most people focus on filling the room first and forget how vital window treatments are. Their style and texture can change the whole mood of a room while altering the light, temperature, and atmosphere, which will positively or negatively impact your feelings.

Knowing what activities you will have in each room is the key to choosing the right window treatment. Do you need versatile light control options in a bedroom that doubles as a home office or are you looking for a big visual statement to be part of the design for a spacious living room?

6. Exterior Style

Window treatments are equally functional on your home's exterior style. Exterior wood shutters are the most common when it comes to outside furnishings. These colourful additions energize a home's exterior, underscore its period style, and amplify its curb appeal.

Make sure the shutters you choose correctly fit your windows. They should match the length of a window's trim and have the same width to create a cohesive facade. Also, choose shutters that reference your windows' exterior geometry. You can frame rounded windows with arched shutters, while straight-lined ones are perfect for rectangular or square windows.

Exterior furnishings should stand out, so choose shutters that go against your home's exterior colour. However, you can set the shutters' colour to tie into at least one other element in your home. Additionally, if you like the unconventional, opt for vividly-hued shutters accompanied by flowers in your landscape to give the home's facade a cheerful lift.

How Smart Blinds Can Help

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published on February 27, 2022

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