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How We Can Automate Your Home

Enhanced technology has significantly increased home automation in recent years, and it’s now more effective than ever before. From ordering your groceries and restocking supplies to setting alarms and monitoring the security of your property, you can automate almost any aspect of your home life.

However, many people overlook the benefits of motorising your window dressings. With exceptional functionality and user-friendly technology, it’s easy to install automated blinds in any property. Giving you complete control over every inch of your home, you can control the lighting, temperature, privacy and security of your property when you install motorised blinds.

Benefits of Motorised Blinds

Your window fittings should enable you to enjoy natural sunlight wherever possible, but you’ll want to ensure you have complete control over your lighting options. If you’re working on a computer, watching television or playing on a console, allowing too much light into the room can increase the amount of glare coming off of the screens and make them difficult to see. With motorised blinds, you can control the amount of external light which enters a room easily and effortlessly. In fact, you won’t even need to get up or change positions in order to modify the lighting.

With fabrics designed to reduce the amount of light or filter the sunlight, you can enhance your control even further. With an automated system and functional fabrics, you can enjoy the brightness natural sunlight brings, without excessive temperatures, for example.

The blinds and shutters you choose play a significant role in regulating the temperature of your property. Whilst some rooms might warm up in the morning sun, others can become too hot if they’re in the direct line of the sun from midday onwards. Similarly, in the cooler winter months, you can lose a lot of heat if you have ineffective or inefficient blinds and shutters.

With blinds and shutters designers to maintain the temperature in each room, you can reduce your energy bills and keep your home at an appropriate temperature all year round. Furthermore, automated blinds make it easier than ever to maintain your home environment. You can exert complete control and use a dedicated remote control or smartphone app to open and close your blinds, or you can choose to install blinds which automatically respond to changes in light and temperature.

The advancement of technology means you don’t even need to be in the property to ensure your motorised blinds are maintaining the light and temperature conditions you prefer. With the option to input your own schedule into the system, control your blinds from remote locations or have them automatically respond to external conditions, you can be sure that your home automation system will maintain your property, wherever you are.

As well as controlling your lighting and temperature, your window dressings should ensure you have the level of privacy you desire. Whether you’re in your bedroom or living room, you can relax in comfort, knowing that your perfectly-fitted blinds are affording you the privacy you need. Furthermore, automated blinds can help to keep your property secure, both when you’re at home or when you’re out and about. Keeping windows fully covered and preventing anyone from looking inside your property, motorised blinds are an efficient and effective way of enhancing home security. In addition to this, home automation gives the appearance that your property is occupied, even when you’re away for long periods of time. This can help to deter would-be trespassers and ensures your home and its contents remains safe and secure.

Making The Most Of Your Property

Whilst automated blinds are perfect for indoor use, why restrict your home automation to inside? With motorised patio awnings, you can enhance your external space and turn patios and gardens into extra living areas.

Although the UK has a relatively mild climate, the weather can be changeable, and, as a result, planning outdoor events can be a challenge! Unfortunately, this means that people don’t make as much use of their gardens and yards as they’d like. With limited shade on the hottest days of the year and little protection from rain showers on blustery days, patios and gardens become uninviting options.

By installing patio awnings, however, homeowners can ensure that their patios are fully-usable all year around, regardless of what the weather is doing. Offering shade in the summertime, your patio awning can even block harmful UV rays, depending on the fabric you choose. This means you can enjoy spending time outside, without the risk of damaging your skin or your health. Conversely, the right patio awning can make your patio more flexible in throughout spring, autumn and even winter. When the weather might have prevented you from enjoying your garden, you can rely on an automated patio awning to keep you dry and protect you from less-than-perfect weather conditions.

Of course, manually operated patio awnings can be a little more hassle than you’d like. With various pulleys and wheels to control, the novelty can soon wear off. With motorised patio awnings, however, you can open or close your garden shades within seconds, and without any effort at all.

Controllable via dedicated remotes or your tablet and smartphone, you simply need to press a button to open or close your motorised patio awnings. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio before you head off to work, create a safe place for children to play or invite friends over for an al fresco dinner, motorised patio awnings can enhance your home, offer increased automation and give you more flexibility than ever before.

With the option to integrate additional automation into existing motorised systems or install brand new motorised blinds and awnings, you can enhance your home in any way you wish. To find out more about the benefits of home automation, contact us at Smart Blinds now.

published on August 02, 2019

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