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Manual Blinds Versus Motorised Blinds

The variety of window dressings on the market can make it difficult for customers to settle on the best solution for them. From curtains and blinds to partial or whole window shutters, even to awnings which offer shade from the exterior, you can be forgiven for feeling confused now that there’s another choice to make between manual operation blinds and motorised or automated blinds.

Whilst it’s true that both motorised and manual blinds enhance any domestic or commercial space and fit in with the design scheme of your choice, there are significant differences between the two. Are you ready to adopt smart technology for blinds operation or do you want to stay with manual blinds and what you already know? Well, you might change your mind as you read this.

Allow your imagination to play and we’ll deliver the practical solutions to achieve your dream design. We’ll help you find the perfect match.

Manual blinds compared to motorised blinds

Manual blinds are available in a range of styles and so are motorised blinds. Choose from Roman, Venetian or vertical blinds when you look at the motorised options. These are arguably the three most popular blind types so you don’t have to settle for almost right.

Colours, materials, patterns and finishes are plentiful whether you opt for manual or motorised blinds. Motorised blinds are available for glazed and roof areas. Please ask us about our SmartSKY range.

You may believe that as you can install manual blinds yourself, you don’t need professional installation but a motorised blind is going to be too difficult to handle as a DIY project so this makes it less attractive. Well, dare we suggest that most DIY manual blind installations suffer from flaws and that as a result the operational performance is compromised. We recommend that you hire an experienced professional for your blind installation, whichever type you select. We certainly don’t advise customers to have a stab at installing motorised blinds, that would be like recommending that you carry out your own MOT because you don’t need a garage. and that would be irresponsible.

Pulling a blind may seem like the simplest task in the world and yet when the cord gets tangled or its position means that you have to reach awkwardly, the temptation to sit on your sofa and press a button that sends the motorised blind up or down is undeniable. It’s easy.

Perhaps you have mobility issues or are advancing in years and don’t welcome the effort of manual operation. Press a button, job done.

There have been instances of accidents caused by manual cords, these are in the minority but it’s worth bearing in mind.

You’d have to be quite skilled to operate several blinds at once but with a motorised system it’s convenient with home automation, remote control signals or offering a command to Alexa, Google Home or similar device.

If you want to stick with manual blinds because they are familiar, there’s nothing wrong with that. We understand, but there are a raft of advantages to installing motorised blinds which can make your life easier. If you spend time asking Alexa or Google Home to carry out tasks then why not add this to their list? Don’t dismiss the other option without investigating it, that’s all we ask.

Voice control, remote control, a Smart Blinds or third party home automation system management is surely an unaffordable luxury, far out of your budget? Not at all! Motorised blind prices are surprisingly attractive and competitive. There’s no need to feel guilty about having a labour saving device. Do you feel guilt when you let the dishwasher do your dishes?

Perhaps you’d argue that manual blinds don’t need an instruction manual or require you to understand the advances in technology. That’s true, but motorised blinds are easy to operate too. They work on the same principle as other smart technology devices, including your mobile phone. If you’ve mastered that then a couple of practice runs with an expert and you’re ready to work the blinds solo.

The ability to operate a blind when you are away from the property may seem decadent or unnecessary but it improves security. How? Whilst you are on holiday, at the office or stuck in traffic an automatic blind can be triggered to open/close so that it appears that the property has people within it and would therefore be a bad choice for your friendly burglar. You may elect to leave manual blinds shut whilst you’re out to maintain room temperature but if they are open they may give a clue that you are not at home and prove inviting to the unscrupulous.

It’s normal to question whether the motors installed in the automated blinds are disruptively noisy. They’re not. Technology and design work together to create the finest results visually and audibly. The motors are not in view so the aesthetics aren’t compromised.

Manual blinds don’t require a power supply so they appear to be more economic but the energy saving benefits of motorised options should not be dismissed. You can programme the blinds so that rooms remain cool or as warm as possible with set timings or temperature sensors to open and close blinds. Manual blinds simply can’t be taught how to move!

Either mains power or battery supply can be installed with the motorised blinds so that you remain in control of power.

A manual blind is unlikely to add value to your home. Motorised blinds have been proven to so you could make an investment today that benefits you if you move out.

Hopefully this list helped you to decide on your best option.

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published on October 26, 2020


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