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Motorised Blinds in Thatcham

Dedicated to delivering a top-quality service to customers in Thatcham and surrounding areas, we specialise in automated and motorised blinds. Used in both domestic and professional settings, motorised blinds can complement any type of décor,as well as adding increased privacy and security to a property.

New technology means your choice of automated blinds is limitless. Vertical, Roman, Venetian and Roller blinds can all be installed alongside motorised technology, so you can keep the aesthetic of your choice and simply upgrade to a fully motorised system.

Once installed,you’ll be able to control your motorised blinds in several ways. Dedicated remotes, Smartphone and tablet apps as well as voice control features ensure you’ll never be stuck when it comes to managing your property.

In addition to this, motorised blinds will give you complete control over the windows fittings in your property, regardless of where you are in your home or workplace. If you have an automated system fitted and opt for motorised blinds in every room, for example, you’ll be able to operate blinds individually or as a whole. This makes opening and closing the blinds in your property a simple and straightforward task, and saves you having to walk through each room in the property to ensure the window fittings are to your liking.

Installing Automated Blinds In Older Properties

As well as complementing modern styles and newer builds, automated blind systems can revitalise older properties too. With many historic homes and workplaces in and around Thatcham, we’re adept at combining the latest technology with olderstyle building materials and period features.

If you have feature timber window frames, for example, this won’t prevent you from making the most of modern automated blind systems. With a range of savvy installation options and innovative mechanisms, we make motorised blinds an obvious choice for any environment.

Finding A Blind Supplier Near Me

If you live in or around Berkshire and you’re looking for Thatcham blinds, we can help. With branches in both Thatcham and Caversham, we regularly assist clients from allover the Thames Valley area and we’d be happy to help you choose or upgradeyour automated blind system.

If you’ve already modernised some of your window fittings and want to increase functionality or compatibility, we can work with your existing system to add features, install new material or change your existing automated system.

Alternatively, if you’re considering motorised blinds for the first time, we’ll provide all the information you need so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for your home and workplace. With a free measuring service, you’ll benefit from a specialist’s opinion when it comes to installing a motorised system in your property and we’ll ensure you are aware of all the options available.

To learn more or to find specialist Thatcham blinds and installers, contact us today.

published on July 29, 2019

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