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Motorised Blinds Windsor: How to Smart-Power Your Home

With the rise of affordable smart technology, motorised blinds are becoming increasingly popular, especially as temperatures rise and property owners try to better insulate their homes.

And it does appear that the smart technology revolution is here to stay - in 2021, the number of smart homes in the world passed over 250 million.

Aside from helping with home insulation, motorised blinds are also great for accessibility, protecting your home against sun damage, and creating a safer environment for those with children or pets.

So, what are motorised blinds, and why are they great for your home? Let’s take a look.

What are motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds - also known as electric blinds - can be opened and closed using a mini motor and remote control (or a voice command) from anywhere in the world. They’re considered a “smart” technology, and you’ll find these types of blinds in fully smart-powered homes.

Types of motorised blinds

While the smart technology remains the same, there are various different types of motorised blinds: 

  • Motorised Skylight Blinds. These types of blinds are designed for roofs and ceilings, and can help protect your home from glaring sunlight and sun damage.
  • Motorised Roman Blinds. Motorised Roman blinds retain their iconic pleated style while the motorised function adds a convenient, smart-technology dimension.
  • Motorised Venetian Blinds. When it comes to controlling the level of sunlight in your home, venetian blinds are ideal - but they’re even better in motorised form.
  • Motorised Vertical Blinds. Motorised vertical blinds are ideal for those who need accessibility options in the home; they’re also ideal for minimising sun damage incurred via sun glare.

    Benefits of Motorised Blinds

    So, why should you opt for motorised blinds instead of manual blinds? Here are just a few reasons:


    According to data from Rightmove and Zoopla, the average selling price of a property in Windsor was between £554,643 - £562,691 in 2021. At these prices, it’s essential for you to secure your home correctly.

    Motorised blinds can add an extra security layer to your home - as you can operate the blind’s remote from anywhere in the world, nobody needs to know that you’re not at home. You can programme your motorised blinds to lift in the morning and lower at night - without anyone suspecting that you’re actually on holiday in France.

    Sun Protection

    Rising temperatures are becoming part of life in the UK’s capital - the south of England is expected to get hotter, drier, and denser in the coming years, with the combination of climate change and increasing urban density both contributing to temperature increases. The result? More sun damage to your property.

    With motorised blinds, you can help to protect your home and your belongings from the effects of sun damage. If your belongings (or simply the interior of your home) is subject to prolonged sun exposure, the sun can discolour your carpets, curtains, other soft furnishings and even discolour your wooden floorings.

    Child-safe and pet safe

    For those with young children or pets in the house, traditional blinds can become something of a safety hazard. Whether it’s long curtains that are easy to trip over, or cords that pose choking risks, it can be difficult to baby-proof or pet-proof your home when you have manual blinds.

    Motorised blinds eliminate the risk of your child or pet being harmed by a blind cord, while also making it easier to avoid pet-induced damage to your property (cats do love climbing curtains!)


    One of the greatest things about motorised blinds is that they can aid those whose homes require certain accessibility requirements. As motorised blinds and curtains can open and close on voice command, they can help give those with physical disabilities greater autonomy and security, and positively contribute to - and increase - feelings of independence.


    It might not seem obvious, but motorised blinds are also great for the environment. How? It’s simple - when you have greater control over the sunlight exposure in your home, you’re less likely to use lamps and overhead lighting. Without even making an effort, you manage to cut back on your electricity consumption.

    In fact, during the summer months - when the days are long and warmer - you might be able to cut back on lighting almost entirely. Motorised blinds give you greater control over your home environment - and can help decrease environmental damage at the same time.

    There’s also an added financial bonus - with energy prices rising faster than ever, installing motorised blinds in your home can help you reduce your utility bills year on year.


    And finally, one of the most alluring benefits of motorised blinds - the convenience. Who else doesn’t get annoyed when they have to interrupt a film to close the blinds as it gets dark? Or have to get up from the dinner table to close the curtains and get rid of the sun’s glare?

    With motorised blinds, your home works for you - literally. Whether you use a remote control or voice control, motorised blinds help you save time, save energy, and help you feel better in control of your life.

    Motorised Blinds Windsor: Automate your home

    If you’re interested in motorised blinds Windsor, there’s never been a better time to take the necessary steps toward smart-powering your home. With prices becoming increasingly affordable for smart technology - and with climate change increasing UK temperatures - the best time to automate and insulate your home is now.


    What is the cost of remote-controlled blinds Windsor?

    Remote-controlled blinds are becoming increasingly affordable for UK homeowners. For more detailed information on pricing, you can contact us at our office or on our website.

    Where can I buy powered blinds Windsor?

    At SmartBlinds, we offer powered blinds installation all across Windsor and the Berkshire and Oxfordshire region.

    Are motorised blinds eco-friendly?

    Motorised blinds can help reduce the amount of heating and electricity you use in your home, by providing natural sunlight. This can help to reduce your electricity and energy consumption and improve your carbon footprint.

    published on July 22, 2022


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