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Patio Awnings – Motorised Smart Awnings

It’s good to spend summer afternoons outside, on your patio in the sun, maybe having friends round for a barbeque. There are times it can get too hot in direct sunlight and you need some protection from the heat, while still being able to enjoy the outside area. A motorised awning is the answer. It will provide you with shade from the sun, but also let you stay outside without too much fear of getting wet if the renowned English drizzle makes an appearance.

A motorised awning will allow you to use your outside area all year round, and there are several accessories designed to make using it even easier. You can have weather sensors, heating, and lighting, which can all be turned on or off with a remote control. A switch on the wall can control the awning. There are wind sensors that automatically detect high winds and retract the awning to prevent it being damaged, or sun sensors that will automatically lower your awning to help keep your rooms cool by blocking out strong sunlight. This can also help to prevent the sun from fading your furniture and curtains, and a cooler home means you are less likely to have to use air conditioning, so you may save on your utility bills too.

An awning on your patio can be as good as adding an extra room. It can make it a place to eat, entertain company, or just a place to sit and relax without concern of getting too hot or wet.

Retractable motorised awnings consist of a metal framework covered in a good quality material that is hard wearing and long lasting. They are conveniently rolled out of the way when not in use, and are not a permanent fixture.

Motorised awnings can brighten your garden or patio, and add a touch of luxury to your home.

Pub, Café and Restaurant Awnings 

It’s more important than ever for a successful pub, café or restaurant to have a comfortable outside eating and drinking area. Whether patrons want to sit in some shade outside to eat a meal, have a few drinks, or just relax, motorised awnings can add a touch of class to your premises. Some of the customers will have experienced this trend in other central European countries, which have far better weather than the UK. For locals and tourists alike, eating outside in some of these countries is considered the norm, and is much more sociable.

For some business owners, before motorised awnings were introduced, it was too much effort putting out some sort of shade for customers, but now it is very simple and effortless. Motorised awnings are one of the main reasons it is now much easier to find pubs, cafes and restaurants where you will find outside covered areas to enjoy your meal or drinks.

There is an added bonus with motorised awnings. They can help to keep your clients dry if there is a sudden shower of rain, stopping the mad rush to get inside as soon as the black clouds appear, or even worse, leaving your premises. From this point of view, motorised awnings could keep customers there longer and help to increase your sales.

As with the awnings for patios, there are extra options available, all designed to make using them easier for you, and the experience for your clientele more enjoyable so that hopefully they are more likely to stay longer, or return.

Retailers Awnings 

Some of us at some point will have seen retailers pulling out awnings with a pole, or manually turning a handle to wind them out. We will have seen how difficult it is, and how hard it is to put them away by the same method. It can also be a safety hazard if the pole is dropped on a passer by, as they are very heavy. Motorised awnings do away with the need for all that hard work, and allow retailers to protect their products from the sun with much less hassle.

There are products that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will ruin. Things like clothes will fade, stationery will dry out and paper will start to curl, fresh fruit and veg will shrivel and look most unappetising. These are just three examples of the sort of retailers that may have a need to protect their products from the sun, and motorised awnings have made it so much easier for them to do so.

Some retailers like the fact people will shelter under their awnings when it rains. This means they may have people viewing their products that might not have stopped without the cover of the awning, and that can help to increase their sales.

Always made to the highest standards, retailer awnings can enhance your shop front and make it more attractive to potential customers.

Motorised Awnings For All Types Of Premises 

Motorised awnings are simple, smooth, and operate effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy shade whether at home, in a café, or browsing a shop window. They are available in many different colours, shapes and sizes, providing something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. The ease of use and protection they provide can make motorised awnings the ideal solution for shade from the sun, and to make your outside area more useable.

If you want to know more about how motorised awnings in Newbury, or motorised awnings in Reading, could be the solution for you, call Smart Blinds and Shutters today. As a family run business with over 20 years experience of fitting blinds, shutters and awnings, you can be certain you will receive service and products of the highest quality. We will not charge you to measure or fit your awnings, blinds, or shutters, and having an informal chat with us puts you under no obligation at all.

To speak to someone in our Caversham branch dial 01189 509449, or for Thatcham call 01635 866600. Alternatively, you would be very welcome to visit either of our showrooms for all the advice you need, and to view our wide range of colours and materials available for your awning or window dressing.

published on July 25, 2018


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