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Prepare for Spring with Motorised Blinds

Prepare for Spring with Motorised Blinds

As warmer temperatures approach and the days get a little longer, homeowners in the UK are taking steps to prepare for Spring. Along with the annual ‘spring clean’, now is the perfect time to update your décor and treat yourself to new fittings and furnishings.

While revamping your home can give you a new lease of life, installing motorised blinds offers numerous practical benefits too. The increased convenience and security are major benefits of automated window dressings, but motorised blinds other hidden advantages.

When you select automated blinds at Smart Blinds, you’ll have a choice of hundreds of fabrics, including blackout blinds. Perfect for bedrooms and sleeping areas, blackout blinds give you complete control over the amount of light that enters the environment.

As the sun starts to rise a little earlier and set later, being able to maintain a dark environment is crucial to getting enough sleep. Instead of being awoken well before your alarm goes off, motorised blackout blinds ensure you get a decent night’s sleep all year round.

Install Motorised Blackout Blinds in Kids' Rooms

Everyone can benefit from having blackout blinds installed in their bedrooms but they’re particularly handy if you have young children. As Spring begins to bloom, youngsters are often going to bed while its still light out. As any parent or caregiver knows, this can wreak havoc on bedtime routines.

If you want to avoid chaotic bedtimes and overtired children, blackout blinds are a must. Often used from infancy right through to adolescence, automated blackout blinds can be used to maintain your child’s circadian rhythm throughout the year, regardless of external light sources.

Enabling them to get the rest they need; the right blinds can revolutionise bedtimes and ensure youngsters benefit from a calm and relaxed night-time routine.

By choosing automated blackout blinds for your child’s bedroom, you can also maintain control over the lighting. Instead of youngsters deciding to draw back the curtains or raise the blinds when they feel like it’s time to get up, motorised blinds ensure night-time is well punctuated.

Furthermore, automated blinds are one of the safest options when it comes to fitting window dressings in a child’s room or a baby’s nursery. While curtain tiebacks and blind cords can pose a serious safety risk, cordless automated blinds ensure tangle-free fittings and handsfree control.

Protect Your Home with Motorised Blinds

As well as helping you to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, automated blackout blinds can help to protect your home and its contents too. Whilst many people assume you only need blackout blinds in bedrooms, there can be advantages to installing motorised blackout blinds in other areas of the home too.

When you’re using tech devices, for example, the glare from natural sunlight can make it difficult to view screens. Whether you’re using a laptop, tablet, smartphone or simply watching television, you might find yourself squinting or straining your eyes as you try and watch the screen as the sun pours in through a nearby window.

Blackout blinds ensure you can create a darkened atmosphere when necessary, which gives you the opportunity to use your tech in comfort. In addition, selecting automated blinds means you can adjust your window dressings effortlessly, no matter how many times the position of the sun moves throughout the day.

Prevent Sun Damage with Automated Blinds

It isn’t just technology that poses a problem when it’s exposed to the sun. Although natural sunlight can make a house feel warm and homely, unfiltered sunlight can cause damage to certain fixtures and fittings, as well as decorative items.

Homeowners often modify their property to increase the amount of natural light via rooflights, sunrooms, conservatories and bi or tri-folding doors. Whilst these can create a stunning aesthetic, you may overlook the impact these design choices will have on the temperature of your property and the appearance of its interior.

If unfiltered sunlight streams through a roof light on to a wooden or laminate floor, for example, it won’t take long until the finish of the floor succumbs to fading. Similarly, upholstery and artwork can sustain sun damage if protection isn’t put in place.

Fortunately, automated blinds make it easy to protect your home and its contents. With pre-schedule opening and closing times, you can ensure your blinds prevent sunlight from streaming in whilst no-one’s home, for example. Similarly, having seamless control over your window fittings ensures you can maintain cooler temperatures in the summer by using your automated system to close the blinds during the hottest part of the day.

With a wide range of blackout blinds available, you can add opt for fabrics that will help to maintain interior temperatures and prevent excess sunlight from having a negative impact on your day-to-day lives. Want to find out more? Get in touch with Smart Blinds today.

Contact Smart Blinds for Free Fitting and Installation

If you’re considering installing blackout blinds in your home this Spring, it’s important to ensure they’re installed professionally. Blackout blinds are only effectively when they cover the window entirely, otherwise sunlight can still filter into the room.

With a professional measuring and installation service, we ensure your chosen blinds are created with precision. What’s more – our in-house team of experienced installers will take the time to ensure your motorised blinds are perfectly placed and working seamlessly.

At Smart Blinds, we understand the importance that precision measuring and professional installation have on window fittings, which is why we offer these services free of charge. Whether you’re replacing blinds in an existing automated system, installing a brand-new smart home network or simply replacing a single blind in your home, we’ll be on hand to provide the assistance you require.

To find out more or to arrange a free measuring consultation, get in touch with our friendly team today. Call Smart Blinds now on 01635 866600 in Thatcham or 01189 509449 in Caversham and speak to our specialists. Alternatively, email the team at and find out how automated blinds could enhance your home and your lifestyle.

published on February 25, 2020

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