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Looking After Your Blinds

Tips For Buying And Looking After Blinds

When someone is redecorating a room, it is not unusual for dressing the windows to be the last thing to be dealt with, although having the right window hanging can make a huge difference to the overall effect of the new decor.  More people are seeking a fashionable and versatile alternative option to curtains, and that is why blinds have become more popular. Choosing the right blind for your room will help to maximise the living space, and will give you more control over the amount of sunlight, shade, heat reflection and privacy. The first thing to decide is what type of room is the blind being fitted into.

Blinds For Rooms You Want To Be Dark

If you are looking for a blind for a bedroom for instance, where you may like it to be dark and have any light cut out, consider roller blinds or roman blinds. They are available in a huge range of different fabrics, and have no holes or slats to let little bits of light creep through.

They are both very easy to operate and look after. They can be made of blackout material, or have blackout linings, if you want exceptional darkness, and come with a range of poles and fitting that suits all decorating styles.

Blinds For Rooms That Could Be Humid

Natural materials such as silk and wood can rot, fade and distort in the humid conditions you would get in a bathroom or kitchen for instance. That does not mean that blinds are not ideal for these rooms; just choose ones made of water resistant materials such as faux wood. This comes in a variety of different finishes including wood grain, silk or high shine. Faux wood is extremely hard wearing and will stay looking good for its lifetime.

There is also the option of aluminium Venetian blinds that will not rust, or man-made fabrics such as polyester that the humidity will not affect as much.

Blinds For Rooms With Patio Doors

If you have a large area of glass to cover, such as patio doors, vertical blinds might be the best option. With well over 200 different fabrics to choose from, the flexibility of vertical blinds is the perfect choice for large expanses of window. You can choose the amount of light they allow in, or sunlight they keep out by regulating how far the slats are open or closed.

They will give complete privacy when fully closed, as well as enhancing the decor of any room.

Blinds For An Awkward Window Shape

If you have a window that is an awkward shape, maybe a round one on your staircase, or a triangle one, do not despair. Bespoke blinds can be made for any shape and size and can be fixed or opening, whichever you prefer.

Fitting a blind to that small awkward window can be the perfect answer to finish off the room’s decoration.

Blinds For Any Room

The above are just suggestions and of course there are other types of blinds, not just these. Using a reputable company to make and fit your blinds means you will be able to have them fitted to suit whatever room you are decorating.

There are Venetian blindspleated blinds and there are even motorised blinds if you so desire. With these you can open and close them without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Having A Proper Fit

There is much more to measuring for blinds than just pulling out a tape measure and finding the width and depth of the window. This is what many DIY blind fitters do, usually with not very good results. There are some companies that will measure for your blinds properly, and will not charge you for doing so if you are purchasing the blinds from them. They will also fit them without charge. The blinds will be made to fit your windows perfectly, and all you will have had to do is decide if you want them fitted inside or outside of the window recess, what type of blind you want, and pick the material and colour for your room. It really is that simple.

Caring For Your Blinds

Blinds are like anything else in your home; they need looking after and cleaning if you want then to stay looking good. Most of the time all that you will be removing from them is dust and this can be done with a feather duster, or a vacuum on a low level of suction. If one does get stained, it depends on the type of material the blind is made from and what the stain is as to how you remove it. Generally a mild detergent in some lukewarm water, and a damp cloth will do the trick. Sometimes an alcohol free wipe is enough, but never spray any liquid cleaner straight onto your blind, and unless they are of the water resistant type, never soak them.

Find Experts

One of the best tips anyone can give you when you are considering purchasing window blinds in Newbury, or Reading, is to find experts to ensure you have a professional, good-looking window adornment that will last for years.

Smart Blinds and Shutters have over 20 years of experience in supplying and fitting blinds of whatever size, shape and colour you can imagine. It does not matter if you want just one blind or a whole houseful, they will not charge you extra for measuring and fitting your blinds. There is such a huge variety to choose from, Smart Blinds and Shutters has two showrooms you can visit to browse through the full range, and get whatever advice you need.  There is one in Henley Road, Caversham and the other you will find in High Street Thatcham. You will be made welcome if you want to call into either of them for a chat about blinds for you window dressing solutions.

Alternatively, you can email them at, or phone Caversham on 01189 509449 and Thatcham on 01635 866600.

published on September 26, 2018


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