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The Advantages of Wood Blinds

A stunning addition to any room, the versatility of wood venetian blinds means they are a perfect window treatment for any location. Used to create a rustic feel in a cosy snug or sitting room, a sleek finish to a contemporary office or a reliable security option in a home or work environment, wood blinds combine elegance and functionality.

Created from a hardwearing material, wood blinds are generally very long-lasting. In fact, choosing wood blinds over fabric can increase the longevity of your blinds considerably. What’s more – venetian blinds made from wood can be an eco-friendly option for your home or workplace. Avoiding the need for plastic fittings, wood blinds enable you to reduce your reliance on man-made materials without compromising on style or quality. With materials sourced from sustainable forests, you can be sure you’re making an environmentally-friendly choice when you opt for wood venetian blinds.

Insulate Your Property with Wooden Blinds

Wood is an excellent insulator and wooden blinds are a cost-effective way to manage the heat in your property. Whether you want to keep heat in during the colder, winter months or allow it to escape in the summer, wooden venetian blinds will allow you greater control over the temperature in the room or over the entire property.

Suitable for use in any type of room, wooden blinds can be adapted for use in potentially warm or moisture-laden environments, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Many people assume that wooden blinds aren’t suitable for such rooms, due to the additional moisture content in the air but this simply isn’t true.

Although wooden blinds can be more prone to damage caused by moisture, specialists stains, paints and finishes can protect the natural material from moisture and ensure your blinds are kept in tip-top condition. With numerous specialist coatings available, you won’t be limited when it comes to installing wooden venetian blinds in any room.

Increased Privacy with Wood Venetian Blinds

Opening and closing some types of blinds means giving up a certain level of privacy in order to let light into your home. When you open a roller blind, for example, you’ll be able to see straight through your window but others may be able to see in too.

With wooden venetian blinds, however, you retain more control over privacy in your home or workplace. Even when venetian blinds are closed or lowered, the slats can be angled to let light in. As a significant amount of light can enter the room this way, you needn’t compromise your privacy or security when using these types of window treatments.

In addition to this, extra control means you can adjust the blinds to let the perfect amount of light in. Ideal for rooms which receive a lot of sunlight, wooden venetian blinds mean you can prevent too much heat or glare from impacting your environment, while still allowing the sunlight to warm the room.

Creating the Perfect Aesthetic with Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are easily customised so there are endless options when it comes to decorating or styling your property. Natural stains allow the grain of the wood to show through, for example, so you can create a rustic feel with natural timber in your property. Alternatively, painted finishes mean you can match your blinds to any type of décor, whether it’s classic colours or contemporary trends.

Available with or without tapes, choosing whether or not to add these to your venetian blinds gives you even more control over how your new window fittings will look. Used to control the slats, tapes also complement the slats and add an extra feature to your blinds. Choose matching tapes to ensure a perfect finish or opt for a contrasting colour or shade to give your blinds an eye-catching finish.

Made-To-Measure Wooden Blinds

Like all window fittings, wooden blinds are best when they are made-to-measure. While windows and sills should always be even, the reality is that most properties have uneven walls and windowsills. This can result in blinds hanging at an unwanted angle if they’re not measured properly and this could affect the functionality of your new fixtures, as well as the visual effect they provide.

By having your wooden blinds made-to-measure, you can be sure that they’ll fit the space perfectly and that they will provide you with the control over light and temperature that they should. Whether you want to fit new wooden blinds in a modern building or an older structure, having them made-to-measure is certainly worthwhile.

If you’re worried that having blinds made-to-measure will increase the cost, you needn’t be. At Smart Blinds we provide a free measuring service, so you won’t have to worry about taking measurements down yourself. Once we’ve got the figures we need, we can provide you with a range of quotes so you can see just how cost-effective wooden venetian blinds really are.

Remember – our professional measuring service is completely free and you’re not obligated to move forward with a purchase at all. It simply allows us to provide you with increased options when it comes to choosing suitable window fittings for your home or workspace.

In addition to offering a free measuring service, we also provide free fitting and installation so you won’t have to worry about how to hang your blinds or how to ensure they’re fitted properly. Installing blinds can be tricky and even the slightest error can result in uneven or poorly fitted blind. With free professional fitting and installation, you can be sure your blinds will hang perfectly.

To find out more or to order wooden venetian blinds today, contact Smart Blinds now.

published on February 13, 2019


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