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The Elegance Of Shutters

Mention shutters to most people and they will think of security shutters that businesses use, or the more classical ones familiar to anyone that has visited a Mediterranean country and seen them on the outside of properties. However with the flexibility to make them for any shape or size window, and the elegance they can add to a room, they are becoming ever more popular in homes all around the country.

Their appeal goes beyond just their aesthetics. Shutters can help reduce your heating costs as they insulate the window they cover and reduce the risk of any drafts. By the same token, they can be closed in the summer to keep the sun out and help to keep your property cool. As an added bonus they also provide more privacy and security.

Which Type Of Shutter Will Suit You?      

There are many factors you should take into account when choosing your shutters. Each style has different strengths, so considering the rooms décor and location are important, as well as the intended use of the shutter. There are numerous types and styles of shutter available. They come in a variety of materials and colours to suit all décor. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Full height shutters – These are ideal for patio doors or larger windows but can be used for any size. They will cover the window completely giving total privacy. They help with insulation while reducing noise levels from outside. They often have a rail midway, which means you can adjust the slats independently for the bottom and top. This can be very useful if you want privacy while still letting plenty of light into the room.

  • Tier–on-tier – This type of shutter is made from two independent panels, one above the other. They work totally independently adding flexibility to the amount of light you can let in. It still covers the whole window but gives you the choice of keeping the bottom panel closed and opening the top one, or vice versa. More framework and less slats are used in this type of shutter and they are often popular for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

  • Café Style – Café style shutters only cover part of the window and are often used in bays, particularly the ones with built in top openers. Because of this they give less draft proofing but they do let in more light and offer privacy. This makes them popular for downstairs rooms that face onto a street. They are sometimes referred to as cowboy shutters because of the slight resemblance to the saloon doors depicted in many old cowboy films.

  • Solid Panel Shutters – These are the more traditional shutters used in British homes and have been around far longer than any of us. In fact, some estimates say they have been in use in the UK for more than 200 years. They will cover the whole window and can be made totally solid or part solid and part louver, whichever you prefer.

  • Waterproof shutters – These have to be the perfect choice for bathrooms, saunas, wet rooms or any other room with high condensation. As they are made from a hard lightweight plastic you can be certain they are fully waterproof and will not discolour.

  • Bespoke Shutters – Have you got an unusual shaped window? They are not always square or oblong. You may have a round window, or some other shape that is difficult to fit curtains or blinds to. Bespoke shutters could be your answer. Tailor made to suit, a bespoke shutter could be the perfect solution for your awkward window.

Apart from the waterproof ones all our shutters come in a range of different materials. Selecting the best one for you depends on the décor of the rooms you are fitting them in, and how much your budget is. Some rooms are better suited to MDF while for others hardwood is ideal. There are also a variety of colours for most shutter types. These are just things to consider once you have decided on the type of shutter you would like.

Finding The Best Supplier And Installer For Your Shutters      

If you have put ‘Shutters Newbury’ or ‘Shutters Reading’ into your search engine you will have more results than you can cope with. One of the most popular search engines brings up over 21 million results, how are you supposed to choose from all of them? Refining your search to ‘Window Shutters Reading’ reduces it to a little over 16 million, still an awful lot to look at. Your search for the best supplier and installer for your shutters can end here.

You should do what many thousands of satisfied customers have done over the last 20 years and visit one of the showrooms of Smart Blinds and Shutters. We provide a top quality service that includes a free measuring and fitting service. We have the experience you need to find the best solution for your windows, within your budget, and you are putting yourself under no obligation at all by finding out more information. We offer a wide range of materials and colours and all our shutters are manufactured to the highest standard by some of the best manufacturers in the UK. We are so confident in the products we sell and install that all new shutters carry a 3-year guarantee.

You will find us in Henley Road, Caversham (Phone number 0118 509449), or on the High Street in Thatcham (Phone number 01635 866600). You can email us at or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Whether you are refurbishing your whole house or just want shutters for one window, we are confident you will not regret getting in touch with Smart Blinds and Shutters Ltd.

published on September 19, 2018


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