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What Type Of Blinds Suit You Best?

Choosing the right type of blind for your needs can be more challenging than you might think. There are many questions people should consider, not just in relation to the aesthetics, but also in relation to light, privacy and security. Most people are familiar with vertical blinds and Venetian blinds, and at some point will have seen them fitted in someone’s home or business. However, there is a vast array of blinds available. We explore the different types to make sure you pick the best one to suit your needs.

Some people make the mistake of trying to handle their blinds like any other DIY job. This can lead to poorly fitted blinds that will work well for a short period of time before problems start cropping up.  For an outstanding finish that will enhance your home or business, with the least amount of hassle, the best way to proceed has to be by getting a quality bespoke manufacture specifically for your windows, fitted to the highest standard by professional tradesmen.

Venetian Blinds  

For many years Venetian blinds were the most common window dressing after curtains. They have always been popular in homes and businesses alike. It was the ancient Egyptians and Chinese who started the trend by constructing their blinds from bamboo and reeds, to help protect their homes from the sun. It was the Persians who created blinds more like the ones recognised today. The Venetian merchants were instrumental in helping them to spread across Europe. They were so impressed with the design they spread this new slatted blind throughout the continent.

These days there is a large variety of materials, colours and slat sizes to choose from. Made to measure Venetian blinds can be an asset to any home. They look good and are easy to maintain.

Vertical Blinds 

When these were first introduced they were primarily associated with offices or waiting rooms. Now you see them everywhere.  They are extremely versatile, providing a multitude of options, not just relating to their aesthetic appeal, but also to the amount of light they let in, or how much sun they keep out. They are ideal for conservatories and patios doors, but can be manufactured and installed to any size door or window.

With vertical blinds you have the choice to open them fully or to have the slats partly open. With an enormous choice of fabrics, textures, patterns and colours your biggest problem could be which one to choose.

Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds started life as pieces of material used to cover windows in Rome to keep out the sun, and the dust caused by passing horses and carts. They found if they dampened the cloth it kept out the dirt and grit and helped to keep their rooms cooler. After a while some creativity crept in and people started to decorate them. It was some time later before drawstrings were attached, but the basic design is much the same today.

Available in a large variety of textures and patterns, with blackout linings available with most materials, these can be ideal for blocking out the sun as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Roller Blinds 

Many blinds for windows are made of slats of some type. They are usually constructed from wood, plastic, metal or fabric, and they work by rotating the slats to overlap a desired amount, controlling the amount of light and sun the blind allows in.

Roller blinds are different as they are a single piece of whichever fabric has been chosen fitted to a pole with ropes or chains that allow you to rise or lower the blind to the extent you require.

They have always been a popular window dressing choice, particularly for bathrooms and kitchens. As well as being available in a large number of standard fabrics and textures, roller blinds also come with a wide choice of blackout colours.

Motorised Blinds 

In this technological age many people expect to be able to control their blinds without getting up from their armchair, or even while they are not at home.  This is now possible either with a remote control or an app on your smartphone, you can control your blinds wherever you are.

Available for roller, Venetian, roman, vertical and roof blinds, they put the future in your hands now. You can allow sunlight into your home without getting out of bed, or lower them at sunset even if you are not at home. It can also allow you to operate your blinds when you’re on holiday; giving the illusion someone is home. This provides added peace of mind and is a great security advantage.

The Professionals For Smart Blinds

Whether you are looking for blinds in Newbury or blinds in Reading, we can provide the best solution for your window dressing needs from our showrooms in Thatcham and Caversham. With more than 20 years’ experience we believe the high quality personal service we provide is the best you will find in the areas we cover.

If look and function are both important to you, our broad range will deliver something suitable within your budget. As a family run concern we will treat your window dressing as the unique entity it is. We will happily visit your home to measure the windows and doors that require blinds, no matter how large or small they may be. This service is free of any charge and totally without obligation.

We have so much confidence in the high quality of our manufacture and installation of your blinds, that if you should have a problem with them within the first year, we will deal with it quickly and without question.

To find out more about how we can help you to make the most of your window dressing solutions, call into one of our showrooms in Caversham or Thatcham. You will be able to view our extensive range of materials and discuss in more detail the blinds that will be the most suitable for you. We’re here to help, so why not get some friendly helpful advice now by calling our Newbury/ Thatcham Showroom on 01635 866600 or our Reading/Caversham showroom on 01189 509449.

published on July 25, 2018


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