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Using Shutters on Traditional Designs

Although blinds, awning and shutters can be used to create contemporary and modern designs, they are also suited to more traditional buildings. Shutters complement traditional designs perfectly. The variety of materials, colours and styles ensure any type of property can be enhanced by the addition of shutters,and they also offer a supremely functional form of window dressing.

Choosing the Right Shutters

The style of shutters you choose will have a big impact on the room so you’ll want to take your time and get it right. With plenty of styles to choose from, you can find the perfect option for any type of room. In the home, window shutters can be used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, as well as in kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, shutters are a great addition to working environments and are a cost-effective option for offices, workshops and retail outlets.

Plantation shutters are generally the most popular type of shutter for the home or office,and their versatility makes them the ideal option for traditional designs too. When they were first developed, plantation shutters typically had wider slats than other types of shutters. This gave homeowners increased control over the amount of light that was let into the property and increased the air flow into the room as well.

While plantation shutters still offer these benefits, modern technology has allowed for newer designs and increased flexibility. Wider slats or louvres can still be used but the wide range of mounting, panel, blade and tilt options means homeowners can create a variety of different styles. With custom shutters also available, they can be used to enhance existing windows and frames or installed during the construction and decorating process.

Fitting Shutters in A Traditional Property

Whatever type of window dressing you choose, proper installation is key. A professional installation ensures your shutters are fully functional but it also minimises the risk of problems occurring the future. Poorly fitted shutters or blinds may age more quickly, for example, and this could result in maintenance being required earlier than would otherwise be necessary.

When you’re installing shutters in a traditional property, the installation process is more important than ever. Older properties may have uneven walls, period features, irregular window frames and feature windows and these can make the installation of window coverings a little more complex. Whilst these features undoubtedly add to the character of a property, it’s important to take them into consideration when you’re choosing what type of window dressings will suit your home or office.

Fortunately,shutters can be created to meet almost any specification, so they’re ideal for use in older or traditional properties. Our plantation shutters are always made-t               o-order so you needn’t worry about standard sized frames not fitting a traditional window frame or misaligned edges leaving gaps between the existing frame and the shutter.

In fact, our free measuring service means you’ll benefit from an experienced fitter taking the relevant measurements before your blinds are built. As well as taking the features of your property into account, a professional installer will be aware of any potential issues which may affect how the shutters will hang. This ensures that your shutters can be built to the exact needs of the window they’ll be dressing. Whether you’re decorating just one room or refurnishing your whole house, made-to-order shutters are the best way to complement the features of your home and maintain the traditional décor and ambience of the property.

Which Material Is Right for You?

Available in various materials, traditional shutters can be customised to suit your needs.As well as giving you greater control over the appearance of your shutters, the variety of materials available means shutters can be functional in any type of room or in any style of property.

Wood-framed shutters are extremely popular and they are certainly in-keeping with traditional décor. Using premium basswood, our wooden shutters are lightweight enough to be functional and easy-to-use but sturdy enough to be hard wearing and long-lasting. Sourced from FSC certified forests, premium basswood traditional shutters are also a great option for property owners who want to use natural and sustainable materials in their homes.

However, wooden shutters may not be suited to every type of property or every type of room. As wood is not the most water or heat-resistant material, it isn’t always advisable to install wooden shutters in rooms which are exposed to high temperatures or excess moisture, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Similarly, older properties don’t always manage air flow or temperature as well as newer builds. In the colder months, for example, older properties with single panewindows may be subject to more condensation than double-glazed windows. If so,traditional wooden shutters may be more at risk of premature ageing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that shutters can’t be used in these environments. Thermopoly and Thermo-Tec shutters are a fantastic way of combining modern materials with traditional design. Beautifully crafted Thermo-Tec shutters combine wooden frames with poly-resin blades and an aluminium core, whilst Thermopoly shutters feature poly-resin frames and blades, as well as an aluminium core.

These modern materials ensure shutters can be used in rooms which typically have higher temperatures or increased moisture but they do not detract from the traditional style of the shutter itself. Finished in an endless selection ofpaints, your new shutters will complement your chosen colour scheme and you can even opt for a custom paint colour if you want to create something really unique.

Ordering Bespoke Shutters

Whether you choose tier-on-tier, sliding, tracked or hinged shutters with operable blades or full panels, Smart Blinds will provide all the assistance you need.As well as providing a free measuring service, we’ll showcase all of the options available so you can get a real idea of which shutters are right for you.

To find out more about installing traditional shutters in your property, contact us at Smart Blinds today.

published on April 12, 2019


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