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What Makes A Smart Home?

With new technology, you can change your television channel, restock the pantry and turn your heating with just the touch of a button. Known as the ‘Internet of Things’, wireless capability is changing the way we manage our properties and run our homes. With surpassed ease and functionality, the days of manually washing dishes, closing curtains and vacuuming carpets are long gone.

Although the latest gadgets are nice to have, it’s important use this new technology to make your life simpler. Modifying your existing fittings to incorporate the latest technology is just one way of doing this.

Designed to make your life easier, automated blinds are the next step in creating a smart home. Unlike traditional window coverings, motorised blinds don’t need to be opened or closed using a cord. Instead, you can move your blinds as you wish, simply by touching a button on the remote control or using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Using Motorised Blinds In Your Home

While smart home blinds are unrivalled in terms of functionality, this doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the latest colours, textures and fabrics. In-keeping with the latest trends, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics. Whether you want to complement your existing colour scheme or try something new and vibrant, there’s a fabric to suit every room.

In addition to this, you can choose from various difference types of blinds, while still keeping the automated and motorised features. If you prefer a Roller blind in the kitchen, Vertical blinds in the sitting room and Venetian blinds in the bedrooms, these can all be installed with motorised features.

With many people opting for loft conversations and conservatories to create extra living space, roof blinds are more popular than ever. Although roof blinds are a great way to allow and block natural light in these environments, they can be tricky to open and close manually. Rather than struggling to reach the blind cord every time you want to reposition the blind, why not opt for motorised roof blinds? Easy to open and close, you can control your blinds from wherever you are and ensure your rooms are protected from the light and sun.

Enhancing Your Workplace With Wireless Blinds

Although motorised blinds work well in residential properties, they can also be a step in the right direction for employers. As well as adhering to workplace safety legislation, employers need to consider their employees comfort when they’re making changes to the workplace. Anything which helps to increase productivity, reduce stress and improves employee satisfaction has got to be worth investigating and motorised blinds can help you to achieve all of these objectives.

In offices, in particular, motorised blinds can make a significant difference to an employee’s working environment. If you opt for separate blinds for each window, you may choose to allow employees to control their blind as they see fit, thus creating their own optimum working environment. Glare on computer screens can be erased in seconds, just by repositioning the blinds and blocking the sun from hitting the screen.

In addition to this, using motorised blinds in the workplace can make it far easier to manage your environment as a whole. If you close the blinds during non-working hours for security reasons, for example, you can ensure the blinds across the whole site are closed with the touch of button.  With the option to open or close just one blind, blinds in one section of the site or blinds across the site as a whole, you can manage the workplace with the minimum of fuss. This eliminates the need to survey each room before you leave and reduces the risk of human error causing a security breach.

Reduce Your Energy Bills With Automated Blinds

When you install automated blinds in your home or office, you’ll notice a number of benefits. As well as saving time every day, you’ll find it easier than ever to control the temperature in your property. With homeowners and tenants spending a significant amount on heating, cutting your energy bills can be a big incentive to switch to smart home blinds. Mobile phone users are able to control their blinds, shutters and awnings remotely via mobile phone apps such as Amazon Alexa thanks to TaHoma's intuitive and easy-to-install automation system. TaHome can be controlled by your voice, your smartphone, your tablet, laptop or PC - how easy is that?!

Instead of paying costly heating bills in the winter and spending money on fans, air conditioning units and dehumidifiers in the winter, why not use your automated blinds to maintain your chosen temperature? Experts recommend closing your curtains or blinds to keep the heat out in the summer and, conversely, keeping them closed in the winter can help to retain the warmth produced by your heating system.

What’s more – choosing a blackout fabric or lining could enhance these cost-saving effects even further. Using your automated blinds to increase the effectiveness of these measures could reduce your energy bills, and you’ll be surprised at just how much you could save.

Choosing The Right Technology

As we move to a more wireless society, we’re relying on technology more than ever before. With numerous time-saving opportunities, automation of home furnishings and office fittings is extremely beneficial. However, the benefits of motorised blinds are dependent on the functionality, quality and installation.

At Smart Blinds, we’re committed to providing the best service and we spend time to ensure you’re completely happy with the blinds you’ve chosen. Prior to installation, we offer a free measuring service, so you can be sure your motorised blinds will fit your windows perfectly. Whether you’ve got standard sized windows, a conservatory with numerous roof windows or uniquely shaped glass panes, we’ll measure them beforehand so that your new automated blinds look great and function effectively.

In addition to this, our free installation service means you won’t have to worry about hanging blinds or configuring the motorised settings. We’ll take care of everything for you, so you can relax and enjoy your new fittings, without the hassle of installing them yourself.

To find out more about the benefits of motorised blinds, contact Smart Blinds today.

published on September 19, 2019

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