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Why Allusion Blinds Are Ideal for the Modern Home

The Allusion blind provides the perfect balance between curtain and blind.

The slick design allows the Allusion blind to glide effortlessly into the home, adding a modern twist to a more traditional window dressing. There are two fabric ranges available, each boasting five different colourways, meaning there is an Allusion blind to suit any taste and décor.

What Are Allusion Blinds?

Allusion blinds are similar to vertical blinds in appearance but do not have the chain running through the bottom, connecting the individual elements. Meaning, the Allusion blinds appear seamless and blend into their surroundings in a much softer way.

One of the most significant benefits to an Allusion blind is that the fabric can simply be pushed aside. Without a chain, the blinds can be walked through, making them the perfect option for accessing the garden.

The absence of the chain also means that they are an excellent option for homes with pets. Dogs and cats are renowned for causing destruction to window dressings, tripping over the chains, and destroying everything in the process. The Allusion blind makes it much easier for your pets to access the outdoors in their own time whilst keeping your beautiful blinds in one piece.

Where in The Home?

Allusion blinds look great in every room and perfectly suit the modern home.

However, they are particularly stunning in large windows and patio doors.

Their design makes them the perfect solution for accessing the garden. Enabling you to keep the door open to allow air to circulate the home whilst retaining a level of privacy for your family.

Allusion Blinds Offer Three Privacy Options

You can operate the Allusion blinds in three distinct ways, depending on the level of privacy you require. Further emphasising the versatility and flexibility the blinds offer. It also shows why the Allusion blind is perfect for large windows and doors, which would otherwise allow the outside world to see straight into the property.

Firstly, the full view. The blinds can be retracted entirely to offer a complete, unobstructed view of your garden.

This option is perfect for a warm summer’s day when you would prefer to soften the boundary between inside and out. It is an excellent choice for hosting friends and family, allowing your guests to glide effortlessly between home and garden.

The second option is referred to as 'daytime view with privacy'. This option is ideal for those who work from home.

It allows you to reap the rewards of natural light, which we all need to remain positive and productive throughout the workday. However, it lessens the amount that neighbours and passers-by can see into your home, allowing you to retain an element of privacy.

Finally, and perfect for the evenings, is the option of total privacy. This can be achieved by rotating the blinds to provide full blackout for the property. Allusion blinds are designed, produced and fitted to the highest of standards. Meaning, you do not have to worry about any light seeping through the material and into the home.

Two Fabric Ranges

Allusion blinds are designed to suit a spectrum of preferences.

Every customer's tastes and styles vary dramatically, and Allusion blinds have been developed with this in mind.

The Allusion blind is available in two exclusive fabric ranges.

Horizon – Horizon offers the more classic styling of the two options. The woven combination of sheer and textured material creates the most unique yet subtle finish. The horizon design is the perfect way to add softness to a room without adding extra furnishings. Horizon is available in five colourways, each embodying neutral and calming tones.

Vista – Vista is made from a flame-retardant material, perfect for those who want to add an extra element of safety and protection to their home. It again offers a great deal of sophistication, with a stunning geo wave design running throughout. The Vista fabric range is also available in five different colourways.

Caring for Your Allusion Blinds

You should care for your Allusion blinds as you would any other blind you have around the home.

The Allusion blinds should always be hand-washed, and lukewarm water is the best option. If the water is too cold, it will not be powerful enough to clean the bacteria from your blinds. Too warm, and you risk damaging the material. You should use a small amount of washing detergent to help remove any germs and keep the blinds smelling fresh.

If you have multiple colourways throughout the home, make sure the darks are washed separately. This prevents colours from running and helps preserve the lifespan of your blinds.

The blinds should not be placed in the dryer, as this can damage the material and even alter your blinds' shape. Instead, they should be drip-dried by hanging vertically. From the washing line is the perfect solution as blowing in the breeze creates the ideal drying atmosphere.

If you decide to iron the blinds once dried, always opt for a cool iron. A hot temperature may burn the fabric and destroy the blind.

Choose Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds are a family run business who are proud to offer a vast range of blind solutions.

We have showrooms in Caversham and Thatcham, and enjoy working closely with clients to find a product that caters precisely to their needs and tastes.

We also appreciate our customers' budgets, which is why we carefully balance providing the best quality at the most affordable price. All of our products come with free measuring and fitting. Whether you need one blind or a whole home refit, your products will be perfect the first time.

To find out more about our range of Allusion blinds, talk to Smart Blinds now on 01635 866600 or 01189 509449. Alternatively, email us at, and we will be happy to help.

published on March 27, 2021


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