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Why Use Professional Blind Installation?

Hanging or installing blinds might sound simple and straightforward, but it rarely is. Identifying the right tools to use, sourcing the correct fixtures and overcoming wonky walls and windowsills takes experience and expertise.

Unfortunately, many people attempt to install blinds without professional assistance and this can lead to a range of problems. As well as causing damage to your pristine new blinds, you may end up with a fit you’re not happy. In addition to this, you run the risk of drilling into delicate plaster and masonry, which could cause cracks or splitting. With so much at stake, there’s numerous reasons to take advantage of a professional installation service…

Expertise And Experience

At Smart Blinds, we’ve installed blinds in thousands of homes across Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We’re familiar with new builds, apartments, period properties and homes built with non-standard construction materials, which means we can identify the right fixtures and fittings to use when we’re installing your new blinds. This reduces the risk of damaging walls and windowsills, or the blinds themselves.

Furthermore, professional blind installers know how to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Your blinds should enhance the aesthetic and atmosphere in the room, and they can only do this if they’ve been installed properly.

Of course, you need your blinds to function perfectly as well. In addition to being easy to open and close, your blinds should provide control over external light. If you’ve opted for sheer blinds because you want to allow the light in but increase privacy, they’ll need to be installed with accuracy in order to achieve these competing aims. Similarly, blackout blinds can afford you a great night’s sleep, but you’ll want to ensure they’re installed properly so that light can’t leak into the room during the early hours.

Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Any type of DIY project carries a safety risk, and installing blinds is no different. As well as using a range of tools to install your blinds, you’ll need to use ladders or platforms to ensure you can reach the right height. If you don’t have experience working at height or installing blinds, this can be a dangerous job and it’s always advisable to get professional help when you need it.

Of course, blinds are often installed in busy homes or offices, so you’ll need to consider those around if you attempt to take on the job yourself. Leaving tools or platforms around could cause harm to your family or your colleagues so this is something you’ll need to bear in mind.

Reduce Costs With Professional Installation

You may think installing your own blinds will save some cash, but you’d be wrong. If you don’t already have the right tools, you’ll need to purchase or hire them, which can be expensive in itself. Fortunately, getting professional help won’t cost you a lot – in fact, it won’t cost you anything at all!

At Smart Blinds, we offer a free measuring and fitting service, so you can be sure your new blinds will be installed perfectly. Whether you’re adding just one blind to a room or renovating your entire property, we can provide professional blind installation. To find out more, contact us at Smart Blinds today.

published on July 29, 2019


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