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Window Shutters

The Benefits of Shutters

Window shutters have many benefits including flexibility, low maintenance and sound insulation. They can be made to fit any size and shape window, and there is a large choice of materials and colours available. In the past they have often been overlooked as window dressings, but they are becoming more popular as people realise the benefits of shutters.

In some countries, such as the Mediterranean, in Australia and America they have been extremely popular for a very long time. That popularity is spreading to the rest of Europe, including in the UK. Whichever country they are in though, they all have one thing in common. Successful window shutters are not a do it yourself job, but should be measured for and fitted by experts.

People in these other countries have known the benefits of shutters from long ago, and here is just a sample of those advantages.

Easy To Clean And Good For Allergies

Interior shutters are very easy to keep clean; usually a wipe with a damp cloth is enough. Dust does not tend to build up on them like it does on more traditional window dressings such as curtains, and this can be a huge benefit to anyone with a dust allergy that needs to avoid dusty environments.

Low Maintenance

Window shutters have no mechanisms, so there is not anything to go wrong on them, and they do not have cords or chains to break. As long as they have the occasional clean, window shutters will need very little else doing to them.


If your house is adjacent to a street, privacy may be an issue. Window shutters are the perfect solution, tier on tier shutters being ideal. They look the same as plantation shutters, but the top and bottom panels operate separately. This gives the possibility of leaving the bottoms shut for privacy, but opening the top to let in the sunlight. You can adjust the louvres to let light in within prying eyes seeing into your room, unlike curtains, which either have to be open or shut.


When the panel doors are closed the shutters will provide insulation. They will shut out most noise and help to keep the warmth in your room in the winter and to keep it cool in the summer. This can help to reduce your utility bills, which has to be a bonus.

Flexible Light Control

 The louvres on shutters can be angled to keep sunlight and harm UV rays out, which will help to protect furnishing and flooring from the fading problems caused by the sun. They can be opened fully if you want sunlight to pour in. Most shutters themselves are protected from the effects of UV rays by a protective layer that also stops the shutters from warping.

Enhance Any Décor

Window shutters can enhance the décor of any room, no matter what the style or colour. They are made in so many different materials and hues, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. From wood veneers to painted colours, they will always look stunning.

Blending In

Window shutters will blend in with whatever style your room is. As they are made to fit your window perfectly, they will never look like an out of place afterthought. They can be made to any shape and any size and even the unusual shapes can have a blind made to fit so it looks as though it was born there.

Space Savers

Most window shutters are fitted into the recess of your window, unlike curtains that are usually on a rail fitted above the window. They will not protrude into the room, so not only is there an illusion of more space, there is actually more space.

Keeps Out Animals

For those of you that have neighbours with a friendly cat or dog, shutters are a great way to stop them from wondering into your home. You can still have the airflow you want, without the visitors you don’t.


Window shutters are a semi permanent fixture, and as such could help to improve the saleability of your home. They can disguise unsightly window frames, and make the view of your home better. Of course, this could work against you if the prospective buyer does not like shutters, but they are easily removed is that is the case.


Good quality, made to measure window shutters will last for years. They are a far better investment than curtains that need replacing periodically, and will look as good as new several years down the line.

Finding The Experts

If you are convinced that the benefits of shutters make them the right choice for you, the next thing is to find the experts to complete the job for you. If you are looking for shutters in Newbury or shutters in Reading, Smart Blinds and Shutters are the experts for you.

As a family run business with over 20 years experience in the industry, we are big enough to be able to deal with whatever blinds or shutters you want, but small enough to still have the personal touch.

We will happily call to your home, discuss what you are after, measure and quote with no obligation at all. You will be able to choose from our wide range of products if you so decide to go ahead, which if you prefer, you can pop into either of our showrooms and browse through them at your leisure.

Choose us for your shutters and we will guarantee them for 3 years. With all of our products made to the highest quality, it is very rare a client has a problem. However, if you do we will be there to correct it without delay.

Would you like to know more? Our Caversham showroom is on Henley Road, phone number 01189 509 449. Our Thatcham showroom is on High Street, phone number 01635 866 600. You can call us or pop in any time, we will always be pleased to see you.

published on September 19, 2018


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